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Modern beauty standards and their effects on society

Beauty standards are on the verge of evolving as a push for more acceptance in the beauty world prevails.

Sam Skolnick

June 12, 2020

Beauty. It is something nearly everyone wants to achieve, however many of these standards find it to be detrimental to society. Although the beauty industry has helped to produce fashion icons like Grace Kelly and Angelina Jolie, it has overall done more harm than good. In 2020, there are many outlets for beauty a...

Students show their true colors

Photo obtained through Creative Commons.

Kaitlyn Hammond

April 23, 2017

Sophomore Amanda Lavery walks into school with blue hair after having pink hair the day before. It’s just a normal day at Communications High School. For some students like Lavery of Marlboro, having an unconventional hair color is a key part of their identity. In the last four months, Lavery has c...

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