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Body positivity movement does not glorify unhealthiness


Tess Rempel

March 12, 2019

The campaign for body positivity is everywhere and leaders of the body positivity movement promote the idea that sizes, shapes and skin tones don’t define beauty. According to the American Psychological Association, 84 percent of American women and 43 percent of American men are unhappy with thei...

Fashion world pushes for realistic beauty standards with models of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds

Senior Sydney Karlin of Matawan struts down the runway at the 2018 CHS Fashion Show.

Madeline Holobinko

September 14, 2018

Thanks to a recent rise in inclusivity, unrealistic expectations in the fashion industry may be a thing of the past. Today, identical models do not fill runways as they have before. Now more than ever, there has been a push for diversity that the fashion world lacked for years. Robin Givhan, a ...

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