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Celebrities ‘sell out’ with advertisements, students understand

Madeline Holobinko March 2, 2018

From Amy Schumer's Budweiser commercials to Drake’s T-Mobile ads, celebrities partner with big name companies all the time. Whether those collaborations are considered “selling out” is something...

There has been speculation that Oprah is considering running for presidential election in 2022.

Celebrities in Washington: Stay in Hollywood or get political experience

Vaughn Battista March 2, 2018

As 2020 nears, more and more articles like Politico’s “The Serious Case for Oprah 2020” arise. Donald Trump’s approval ratings are at an all-time low, leading some to suggest replacements for the...

Eminem performs at the Concert for Valor, and is among the artists who criticize Trump.

Celebrity activists change little in politics

Vaughn Battista December 16, 2017

Recently, celebrities have been more active in our current political climate. Whether it's Eminem’s attack on Trump during the BET Hip Hop Awards or Meryl Streep criticizing the president during her...

Survey of 248 students from Nov. 29, 2016 to Dec. 1, 2016.

Students and teachers encounter famous figures by chance and at planned events

Jacqueline Geller December 22, 2016

Not every person has the opportunity to walk down the red carpet in the latest fashion made by couture designers, but that does not stop CHS students and teachers from encountering celebrities. Junior...

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