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Both genders have broken their regular clothing norms which drastically impacts each gender differently.

Breaking clothing norms: Results may vary based on gender

Lillian Chen and Zaina Saif September 15, 2022

For all that has been said about judging people for what is on the inside rather than the outside, it is undeniable that appearance – and by default, clothing and style – plays a large part in the...

Capsule wardrobes are on the rise to combat fast fashion.

Timeless clothing collections open doors for sustainability

Stella Feinstein April 14, 2022

To combat the rampant rise of fast fashion, niche influencers are turning to capsule wardrobes to revive timeless clothing. Capsule wardrobes are minimalist closets made of staple items curated to carry...

According to image consultant Julie Zanes, what you wear can affect not only your emotions, but how you perform in your day to day activities.

Students weigh in on how their attire affects their mood

Ella Lukowiak and Isabella Ji December 2, 2019

“I have nothing to wear!” Almost everyone has whined this phrase at some point while hastily flipping through their closet, searching for the ideal outfit. Whether it is sweatpants or a dress that...

The fashion show on Feb. 23 featured clothes from stores all over Monmouth County along with refreshments and promposals.

Fifth annual fashion show steals the runway

Jordan Durkin February 26, 2018

CHS students had their moment in the spotlight during the fifth annual fashion show on Feb. 3. The show took place in the cafeteria, which was decked out in palm green and pink decorations. Local favorites...

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