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Restaurants recover from COVID-19 shutdown

Restaurants begin to reopen using safety guidelines after COVID-19 shutdown.

Isabella Ji

October 9, 2020

Thousands across the United States were hesitant to rush into restaurants when outdoor dining first opened, but ended up caving into their burger cravings and their hunger for fries, despite the consistent coronavirus cases.  To answer the nation’s questions and concerns for eating at restaurants...

Sugar deserves a sweeter reputation

Cookies contain sugar; whether it is

Caroline Monaghan

September 14, 2018

Sugar. Biochemically, it is a soluble carbohydrate. Culturally, it is a demonized, addictive substance, comparable to nicotine in cigarettes. Realistically, it is merely a sweet-tasting component of our food and drink, to be neither feared nor praised. A wide range of food, drink and even makeup ...

Students weigh in on summer food spots

Dairy Queen is a popular ice cream chain with many NJ locations. Ice cream is the number one summer treat, according to Delish.

Tess Rempel and Emily Toro

June 15, 2018

Burgers sizzling on grills. Ice cream melting in bowls. Food is an essential factor in every teenager’s summer. CHS students weighed in on their favorite summer food spots and trends in preparation for the upcoming season. One of the more popular spots to snack, Playa Bowls, drew mixed feelings f...

Brunch proves to be a cultural phenomenon for millennials

Photo obtained on Pixabay through Creative Commons.

Caroline Collins

April 22, 2017

To brunch, or not to brunch, that is the question. According to millennials, the answer is always yes. Piper Jaffray’s 27th semi-annual study of teen behavior reports young people now spend more money on food than they do on events or clothing. Farha Ternikar, an associate professor of sociolog...

Vatican City takes first place at annual CCC festival

Sophomore Sebrina Gao of Manalapan and her team represented France in the CCC Festival and placed third.

Sarah McNey and Cailey Ruderman

April 2, 2017

The Cultural Communications Club took Monmouth County on a world tour during the annual Communications High School Cultural Festival on March 31. Club members formed groups representing 22 countries from six continents while colorful displays of art and food filled the halls of CHS. Inspired by St....

Yaron gives gluten-free thanks

Shannon Damiano

December 1, 2016

Junior Veronica Yaron of Little Silver explains how she celebrates Thanksgiving despite not being able to eat gluten.

Talula’s offers entrée options for all

The Asbury Park locale has garnered a four-star review on Yelp with 270 customer reviews.

Kail Ying and Ally Weitzman

November 10, 2016

Eating out with friends is a tasty way to make unforgettable memories. But with dietary preferences and restrictions becoming commonplace, finding a place where everyone can eat is no easy task. So when we heard that Talula’s, a bar and pizza restaurant located in Asbury Park, had dishes that jus...

Adults, ads and availability affect teen eating

Survey of 211 students on September 8, 2016.

Lara Graney

September 17, 2016

Teens eating habits are not solely built on the basis of health; trends, marketing, convenience and mood are just a few of the factors that affect what young people put in their bodies. On television alone, young people view more than 40,000 advertisements a year, according to American Academy of...

A meat-lover goes vegan

One month after her initial experiment, DeRose continues to eat vegan.

Maura DeRose

September 17, 2016

As a baby, my mother called me her little carnivore. At Sonic, I order a pretzel dog in addition to my cheeseburger. One year for Christmas, I wrote Santa Claus a letter asking for parmesan cheese. My profile picture on Instagram is a photo of me holding a hot dog. But after a month long road trip...

Orthorexia hidden in modern society

Graphic by Julie Alter

Kate Ridoux

September 16, 2016

Over the past several years, the line between diets and eating disorders has grown increasingly thin. So thin, in fact, that those who cross it may be unaware of the dangerous impact it can have on their physical and mental health. Worldwide, many people are taking "healthy" or "clean" eating to such...

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