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Freshman class elects first council for upcoming year

The Class of 2022 gathered in room 107 for freshman council elections on Oct. 5.

Isabella Ji, Desiree Negrin, and Margaret Schneider

November 21, 2018

After a month at CHS, the Class of 2022 held their freshman class council elections on Oct. 5. This year, 10 candidates gave speeches to their fellow peers, followed by a  class vote to determine the new council. Students elected Jacob Irwin of Middletown as president, with Luke LaTorre of Middletow...

Freshman elections bring abut unfamiliarity and problems

After giving her speech for freshman council three years ago, current senior Emma Hecht of Wall was elected to a position.

Evan Kuo

September 14, 2018

You step up to the podium and look out at the silent crowd. 80 unfamiliar faces stare back at you, forming a group of people you barely know or recognize. The silence is deafening, so you push out the first words on the paper in front of you. "Here's why I belong on your freshman council." Prior to ever...

Class of 2018 elects freshman class council

Class of 2018 elects freshman class council

Caroline Savage and Daniel Mopsick

September 28, 2014

As the bell sounded ending lunch on Friday, Sept. 26, CHS freshmen didn't go to their third period classes. Instead, they made their way into the cafeteria to participate in the elections for their Freshman Class Council. The Class of 2018’s adviser, math teacher Ellen Judge, organized the elections....

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