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Older generations wrongfully criticize rising pop culture

Streaming allows for experimental artists to bypass traditional mediums to gain popularity, not having to compromise their vision to get played on the radio. Only in 2019 could Tyler the Creator’s genre-bending, innovative album “IGOR” reach #1 on the Billboard charts over international superstar DJ Khaled’s radio-friendly, formulaic album “Father of Asahd.”

Vaughn Battista

March 9, 2020

The term “born in the wrong generation” has come to encapsulate a pervasive mentality about modern art. There is a consistent notion that pop culture is simply worse than it once was, becoming more homogenous and corporate than ever before. But this sentiment lacks any serious evidence behind it ...

CHS students are also first-generations americans

Sophomore Sebrina Gao's father, age 28, with his parents at the airport on January 19, 1991, the day he left China to come to America to study bioengineering at NJIT.

Caroline Monaghan

April 1, 2017

Sophomore Sebrina Gao of Manalapan speaks fluent Mandarin, eats Chinese food almost every day and wears slippers around her house. Gao is a first-generation American. describes first-generation Americans as those who are “first generation of a family to be born in a particular cou...

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