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Skills welcomes new NTHS members and prepares for Career Day

Ebenezer Shim

November 5, 2016

The meeting began with the council thanking everyone who helped coordinate a successful Halloween Dance on Oct. 28. The dance raised $620 for the club. The next event for SkillsUSA is Career Day, and the council hopes to finalize speakers by Nov. 9. More opportunities to help out at Career Day include...

SkillsUSA works to address participation issue

Ebenezer Shim

October 20, 2016

SkillsUSA met today to focus on four major topics: volunteering, the Halloween Dance, Career Day and competition assignments. The club has not yet earned enough money for competitions, and all members will now be required to sell an entertainment book. The need for volunteers was also addressed, and...

SkillsUSA encourages members to get involved in many ways

Ebenezer Shim

October 13, 2016

The SkillsUSA meeting began with the council and committee heads for the Halloween Dance to donate food and decorations for the upcoming event on Oct. 28. Donations would contribute to scholarship consideration for the cost of competitions. Juniors and seniors were also supposed to have their Career...

Students show off costumes at Halloween dance

Students show off costumes at Halloween dance

October 28, 2014

By EMMA MCCAFFREY – Students at CHS dressed up in their Halloween costumes a week early for the annual Halloween Dance. SkillsUSA hosted the dance on Friday, Oct. 24 from 6:30-9:00 p.m. Members of the club stayed after school to decorate the cafeteria with neon lights and cobwebs to capture the graveyard...

Halloween dance a big fundraiser for SkillsUSA

Julia Pardee and Riley Mullan

November 2, 2013

Spirit Week concluded with a Halloween dance on Friday, hosted by SkillsUSA. It was a said to be a huge success with around 150 tickets sold, according to the club’s president senior Nina-Marie Amadeo of Middletown. Amadeo said that only 14 tickets were sold on Wednesday and she believed that ...

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