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From autos to the arts: faculty recalls CHS’s history

According to Pricipal James Gleason, this photo was taken in 1999 when the Wall High School vocational building was under construction. This photo, Gleason thinks, is room 105 in the early stages of its construction. Today, the building is home to the students, teachers and classes of Communications High School.

Beatrice Karron

March 9, 2020

Before the back hallway of CHS decorated its cinder block walls with detailed murals, it was the single hallway of Wall Township’s Vocational High School. The rooms now used for mass media, art and print production once housed automobile body, electricity and automobile painting shops for students in ...

Founding Fathers’ history of slavery shames America

Two of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson,
owned slaves in their lifetimes.

Sam Skolnick

March 9, 2020

The Founding Fathers are known for creating the democracy of America and signing the Declaration of Independence when separating from Britain. However, it is almost never shown that these men, who are held as American heroes, were actually slave owners. Founding Fathers such as Geroge Washington and T...

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