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With hybrid scheduling, mental health is important

Mental health is an important issue that has now been prioritized due to COVID-19.
November 25, 2020

As the novel coronavirus continues to plague countries across the world, so does the stress and anxiety caused by the deadly disease. While some people are getting tired of mask-wearing, social distancing...

CHS reflects on almost two months of hybrid learning

A survey of 70 CHS students from Oct. 26 to Nov.2.
November 25, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the teachers and students of Communications High School carry on with classes in an unprecedented fashion. Computer screens have replaced the school’s once congested...

Students discuss their views on the hybrid schedule

As CHS transitions to a hybrid schedule, students share their thoughts.
November 25, 2020

In the darkest of times, CHS is changing everyday habits using a hybrid schedule. For upperclassmen, this schedule is very different and unfamiliar compared to what was seen in the past. Junior and senior...

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