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Lit Mag attends the biennial Dodge Poetry Festival

Students involved in LitMag traveled to Newark for the Dodge Poetry Festival to learn about writing and literature.

Brigid McCarthy

November 21, 2018

Members of the Literary Magazine took a glimpse into the world of professional writing at the Dodge Poetry Festival in Newark on Friday, Oct. 19. The Dodge Poetry Festival is a four-day event that occurs every other year in Newark. The festival is the largest of its kind in North America. Authors ...

Lit Mag attends Dodge Poetry Festival

Seniors, from left, Vivian DeRosa of Ocean, Michelle Moroses of Wall, Kaitlyn Hammond of Wall and Merina Spaltro of Allentown were four of the students who attended the Dodge Poetry Festival.

Jeff Busold

October 23, 2018

The Literary Magazine club attended the Dodge Poetry Festival in Newark on Friday, Oct. 19, where they saw a variety of famous poets and heard readings of their work. Technology teacher and Literary Magazine adviser Laura Gesin chaperoned the trip. The selection process for the event was more involved than the t...

Lit Mag practices carousel writing

Marissa Ho

March 27, 2017

Members of Lit Mag participated in carousel writing at today's meeting. The first sentence of the carousel writing was, “this is what I see in the mirror in the morning.” This week’s prompt is, “you wake up one morning and your reflection is gone. Where did it go?” Submissions are due for ...

Lit Mag selling latest issue

Marissa Ho

March 6, 2017

The Lit Mag sold their latest issue for $3 from Feb. 28 to March 3 in the cafeteria. Anybody who contributed work for this issue was only charged $1.50. The first freshmen stories were featured in this issue. This week’s prompt is “a story where you hate the main character.”

Lit Mag hosts Project Write Now workshop

Lit Mag hosts Project Write Now workshop

Phoebe Drummond

February 23, 2017

The staff of the Literary Magazine at CHS worked on taking their writing to the next level at a workshop led by Project Write Now on Feb. 21 said Lit Mag board member Vivian DeRosa of Ocean. Seven CHS students met after school to take part in the workshop, which was centered around the theme of e...

Lit Mag opens sign-ups for Project WriteNow

Marissa Ho

January 31, 2017

The prompt from last week’s meeting was holy/unholy and illuminate. Club members read pieces they wrote relating to the prompt. Sign-ups were opened for the free writing workshop that will be hosted by the Lit Mag, called Project WriteNow. The workshop will take place on Feb. 21, immediately after ...

Lit Mag plans writing workshop

Marissa Ho

January 23, 2017

The prompt for this week's Lit Mag meeting was “something positive” or any poetry piece club members felt like sharing. The prompts for next week’s meeting are “illuminate” and “holy vs. unholy.” Lit Mag will be holding a writing workshop, called Project WriteNow, on Feb. 21 in Room 14...

Lit Mag accepts poetry submissions

Marissa Ho

January 12, 2017

The prompt for all club member's from last week was burning bridges. Following readings from the prompt, two members of the club showed a presentation on writing effective poetry. After the presentation, the club completed a five word poem activity. The prompt for all club members for next week is p...

Lit Mag submissions are due

Marissa Ho

January 3, 2017

Submissions for the next issue of the Lit Mag are due today. The prompt for this week's meeting was “inspired by Wikihow.” The prompt for next week's meeting is “burning bridges.” Although this week's meeting was held on Tuesday because of Winter Break, meetings will resume at their regular ti...

Lit Mag is accepting submissions for next issue

Marissa Ho

December 19, 2016

The meeting started with readings from last week's prompt, which was "the straw that broke the camel’s back.” The prompt for next week will be “WikiHow." Submissions for the next issue of the Lit Mag are due Jan. 3. The next meeting will take place on the Tuesday that students return from Winte...

Lit Mag goes on sale

Marissa Ho

December 11, 2016

The prompt from last week's meeting was "shudder." The overall theme for the next issue is blue. The prompt for the next meeting is relating to wants and/or needs. The Lit Mag is being sold today and tomorrow during lunch for $3. Copies are free for anybody who had work published in the Lit Mag....

Lit Mag sends to print

Marissa Ho

November 22, 2016

The Literary Magazine met on Nov. 21. At the meeting, stories from last week’s prompt, "Intrusive," were read. The prompt for the next meeting is "Lucid." The Literary Magazine will be sent to print next week and copies will be sold at lunch for five dollars.

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