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A magician with a passion for trading

A magician with a passion for trading

Julia Pardee

December 22, 2016

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A battery-powered Star Wars candle. A paper clip. A pair of wireless headphones. Junior Cameron DeStefano of Middletown has traded them all on his mission to upgrade from a paper clip to “trade my way higher and higher.” After hearing a true story of a man who started with a paper clip and traded...

Students ‘expresso’ talents at Coffeehouse

Students ‘expresso’ talents at Coffeehouse

Cailey Ruderman

December 11, 2016

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The Class of 2018 hosted the annual Coffeehouse, at which poetry and music of all kinds took center stage. Students of every grade were able to showcase their talents to their friends, family and peers on Dec. 9. This year’s set list was comprised of 34 acts, including singers, dancers, poets, ...

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