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Music therapy helps patients to cope with their mental illnesses

Senior Sydney Karlin of Matawan performs a medley on the piano at the annual CHS Coffeehouse in November.

Rebecca Heath

January 25, 2019

When it comes to mental illness, most think of medication and talk therapy as typical forms of treatment. But, a new and vastly different approach has recently gained notoriety, supplementing what is known as standard regimen. This practice is known as music therapy. Music therapy is the use of music in a thera...

Little correlation found between mental illness and creativity

Artist Vincent Van Gogh is suspected to have suffered from depression in his lifetime.

Carla Vreeland

November 21, 2018

People often say that pain leads to great beauty, but does the same apply to art? Throughout history, scientists have researched the link between mental illness and creativity extensively, and people often generalize artists as having forms of emotional disorders. While this may be true for co...

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