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Students eat up Pi Day festivities

Leading up to Pi Day, students had the opportunity to vote on who would be pied.

Brigid McCarthy

March 18, 2019

The Class of 2021 hosted Pi Day festivities on Thursday, March 14 during lunch, with the main attractions of an ice cream sundae bar and a public pie-ing. In the days leading up to Pi Day, the sophomore class sold tickets at lunch that allowed students to vote for candidates to be pied in the face by...

CHS students partake in ‘irrational’ Pi Day activities

Senior Riley Mullan of Long Branch pied substitute teacher Ryan Weber at the Class of 2017's Pi Day fundraiser.

Mia Gallo

March 18, 2017

The Class of 2017 hosted a Pi Day celebration on Friday. It was originally scheduled to take place on Pi Day, Tuesday, March 14 but was rescheduled due to the snow day.  The celebration consisted of a pie baking competition, and slices of the entered pies were sold for $1 each during lunch. The...

A Slice of Pi Day at CHS

Sophomores Jonathan Slovak and Ebbie Shim were 'pied' in the face on Monday.

Audrey Wilenta

March 19, 2016

CHS students celebrated Pi Day on Monday, March 14,  by attending a Pi Day Workshop and watching two classmates get pie thrown in their faces. Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 each year around the world, corresponding with the first three digits of pi, 3.14. Seniors Emma McCaffrey of Middletow...

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