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Although the new music streaming services produce less plastic, greenhouses gases are produced to such an extent that it causes discussions on the whether there is still hope for other music listening materials.

With streaming music comes unexpected environmental pitfalls

Keira MacDermott May 5, 2021

Rather than loading up on plastic and vinyl records only to use them once in a while, most people have made the choice to have constant access to their favorite songs. However, recent studies suggest that...

According to National Geographic, around 500 million plastic straws are used everyday in the U.S. alone. But plastic straws only make up 0.025% of the 8 million tons of plastic that washes up on beaches and oceans, while the rest comes from other items such as soda bottles and grocery bags.

Plastic straw ban can’t save the planet alone

Eli Tapia September 13, 2019

Climate change has been an issue since the early 1800s when greenhouse gases began warming the surface of the earth, according to NASA, and now the United Nations recently claimed that there are only 11...

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