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PSAT memes violate contract, help students relax after testing

Each fall, students across the nation participate in PSAT testing. The PSAT prepares students for the SAT and allows some test takers to qualify for National Merit Scholarships.

Brigid McCarthy

November 21, 2018

On Wednesday, October 10, following the PSAT/NMSQT examination, an unusual thing filled cafeteria’s and hallways around the nation: laughter.   Following the test, students all over the country posted inside jokes about test questions and content on social media sites.  These PSAT “memes,”...

PSAT: Third time’s the charm?

Izzy Cavazzoni

October 15, 2015

This Wednesday, Oct. 14, students across the country underwent a long morning of testing for the PSAT. The PSAT is proctored as a “trial run” to prepare students for the SAT, which is weighted highly in college admission decisions, according to Princeton Review. Most high schools only administer...

Students reflect on last month’s PSATS

Students reflect on last month's PSATS

November 17, 2014

BY JESS COONEY AND KACEY CIELECKI - The fluorescent lights are blinding like the sun itself. The pungent smell of ink and freshly sharpened pencils envelope the participants. The sound of gum chewing and tapping pencils fills the room along with the tension that could be cut with a knife. As you’ve...

Students not stressing over PSATS

Students not stressing over PSATS

October 13, 2014

BY CHRISTINA NOLL - It's time for the freshman, sophomores and juniors of CHS to sharpen their #2 pencils and break out their "thinking caps" because the PSAT testing date for CHS is just a few days away. Students will take PSAT, an annual multiple-choice exam to prepare them for the SAT and ACT, on...

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