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CHS sports are a family affair

Photo courtesy of Louis Avena.

Mia Gallo

December 22, 2016

Family history and upbringings play a part in what sports students choose to pursue throughout high school and beyond. While there may not be families of the caliber of the Mannings at CHS, athleticism is definitely passed down from generation to generation in some CHS families. Some students develop...

Siblings walk the halls of MCVSD

Survey of 197 students on Oct. 19, 2016.

Phoebe Drummond

November 9, 2016

Considering the competitive nature of admission to a Monmouth County Vocational School District (MCVSD) school, having more than one family member attend an MCVSD school is a challenge. According to the CHS directory, junior Alice Nathanson of Long Branch was one of five current students to welcome a...

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