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CHS teenagers work hard, play hard, sleep never

A survey of 63 students from Jan. 2 to Jan. 8, 2020.

Tess Rempel

January 17, 2020

Pressing cold Powerade to your face to stay awake during World History. Napping during bus rides. Sleeping through fire alarms. These are just some instances of how CHS students deal with the toll of sleep deprivation. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teenagers need about 8 to 10 hours o...

Why today’s teen aren’t getting enough sleep: Stress

Photo obtained through Creative Commons.

Andrew Wang

September 15, 2017

When it comes time to tuck in at night, experts say we need eight to 10 hours of sleep every night – and too few of us are getting it. According to The National Sleep Foundation, or NSF, as of February 2015, adolescents should be hitting somewhere between the eight and 10 hours mark Instead, ...

Why today’s teens aren’t getting enough sleep: Technology

Technology has been proven to affect sleep patterns, especially in teens.

Alexis Colucci

September 15, 2017

Phones plugged into bedside outlets, televisions blaring at nighttime and laptops dinging with notifications come as nothing new to teens. Neither is the lack of sleep that tech can cause. Technology impacts the vast majority of teens, with more than three quarters of teens having access to cellpho...

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