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CHS celebrates Week of Respect

CHS celebrates Week of Respect

Sarah McNey

October 11, 2016

Each year, CHS celebrates the Week of Respect in October, along with many other public schools in the state. This year, the Week of Respect falls on Oct. 3-7 and aims to provide “age-appropriate instruction focusing on preventing harassment, intimidation, or bullying,” according to the New Jersey Edu...

Week of Respect aims to maintain safe school environment

Dylan Josephson

October 11, 2015

Communications High School participated in New Jersey’s annual Week of Respect, starting Monday, Oct. 5 through Oct. 9, along with many other schools across the state. The Week of Respect is an “opportunity to highlight and build upon these efforts (of harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention)...

Students recognize school violence awareness week

Students recognize school violence awareness week

Kate Ridoux and Izzy Cavazzoni

October 21, 2014

Communications High School, along with thousands of other schools throughout New Jersey, will be participating in School Violence Awareness Week the week of Oct. 20. The United States averages one school shooting every five weeks, according to CNN. After devastating incidents such as the Isla Vista...

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