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Memories of 9/11 burn bright for CHS staffers
Lang sets the stage as producer for CHS drama club comeback
Varlack sets sights on Stanford and Princeton
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Violence outside the Kabul airport leads to evacuation efforts being slowed down.
Ending Afghanistan’s 20 year war
Ryan Lemberger September 17, 2021

A panic has developed in Afghanistan as the Taliban takes control of the country. However, in the United States, people are oblivious to the actual issues occurring in Afghanistan. Many are making this...

Gen Z is one of the least religious generations in history.
Gen Z’s religious evolution
Eli Tapia September 17, 2021

For centuries, religion has affected history in many significant ways. Many civilizations and empires were ruled by religion, such as the Roman Empire, the Mayan Empire and Ancient Egypt. Religion has...

CHS class of 2024 poses for a picture during the freshman class meet and greet
event after resuming full-time in-person school.
Reflecting on the year through a freshman’s eyes
Andrew Seckular June 17, 2021

As COVID-19 traveled the world, the Class of 2024 felt unstoppable as they dominated the halls of middle school. Then, everyone watched helplessly as this dangerous disease trickled into the United States,...

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The Artist’s Block: Madeline Cheevers
Music venues across the country preaching to the choir in struggle to enforce vaccination guidelines
Review: Indie dream pop band Sonic Blume releases new album
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Teachers are ready to be back in school after a year where they did not see some students in-person.
Teachers evolving post-remote learning
Jacqueline Litowinsky September 17, 2021

In March of 2020, teachers around the world were forced to completely alter how they taught their students in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They needed to figure out how to properly translate in-person...

Students are becoming more reliable on technology after virtual learning.
Technology reshaping learning after COVID-19
Zaina Saif September 17, 2021

Technology assumed a significant role in education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Google Meets had replaced the textbooks and lectures of the traditional classroom and students rarely completed hand-written...

Club fair is back at CHS and the students are eager to participate in clubs again.
Clubs and extracurriculars adapt in the new school year
Zaina Saif and Jacqueline Litowinsky September 17, 2021

Though remote learning disrupted much of the school environment, the impact of COVID-19 was hardly limited to the classroom. Many non-academic school activities, such as clubs and extracurriculars, were...

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COVID-19: A look back at nurses' battle to slow the unstoppable
Riley Forrester June 2, 2021

A young man was admitted to a Philadelphia hospital in the early spring of 2020, one of the many patients infected with a new airborne virus...

Byron and Janice: Victory in the fight for educational opportunity
Vivianna Varlack June 2, 2021

When Janice Cato Varlack arrived at George Wingate High School in Brooklyn, NY, only weeks after stepping off the plane from Jamaica, she expected...

Musicians overcome performance anxiety with positive mindset and confidence
Liam Umbs June 2, 2021

“I detest audiences,” said the legendary Canadian pianist Glenn Gould.  Frédéric Chopin, one of the most famous composers and pianists...

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