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Not all friends click, but many friend groups clique at CHS
Bender met a picture-perfect summer
Gas prices stay on the rise, driving commuters crazy
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NASAs new spacecraft program, Artemis is helping discover new exploration in space and return back to the moon.
Is new NASA project reaching for the stars?
Francesco Thorik-Saboia September 15, 2022

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy delivered a grandiose speech with one promise: put an American flag on the moon. This was unfathomable to millions of Americans at the time, but seven years later,...

New social media trends are positively impacting people and are helping people find their true passions.
Microtrends: aesthetics’ positive impact
Mackenzie Prince September 15, 2022

Social media has become a consistent platform to boost trends revolving around fashion, music and other forms of entertainment. However, most trends die out as quickly as they begin, creating “microtrends.” In...

Both genders have broken their regular clothing norms which drastically impacts each gender differently.
Breaking clothing norms: Results may vary based on gender
Lillian Chen and Zaina Saif September 15, 2022

For all that has been said about judging people for what is on the inside rather than the outside, it is undeniable that appearance – and by default, clothing and style – plays a large part in the...

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The influence of fashion on culture across history
Psychology of getting dressed
Foreign films sail to the states
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Many low income families are struggling to make ends meet  due to the high inflation.
Low-income families bear the brunt of inflation
Zaina Saif September 15, 2022

From rising housing costs to gasoline prices, the surge of inflation is impacting everyone, but it poses a particular hardship for people with little- to-no money to spare. The growing difference between...

The U.S is ranked No.4 in medical technology and No.97 in access to quality healthcare.
Quality of life decreases for the lower class; the U.S. ranks second-tier nation
Adina Saks September 15, 2022

The term “First World” refers to a highly-developed industrialized nation according to Miriam Webster. First-world countries are determined by factors such as life expectancy, gross national income...

President Joe Biden  introduces student debt forgiveness plan in hopes to help low income students to not be piled in by student debt.
Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan combats income inequality
Dara Fisher September 15, 2022

As more occupations require advanced education, earning a college degree is becoming more essential to creating a stable income. With the cost of college rising, the idea of loan forgiveness has an obvious...

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COVID-19: A look back at nurses' battle to slow the unstoppable
Riley Forrester June 2, 2021

A young man was admitted to a Philadelphia hospital in the early spring of 2020, one of the many patients infected with a new airborne virus...

Byron and Janice: Victory in the fight for educational opportunity
Vivianna Varlack June 2, 2021

When Janice Cato Varlack arrived at George Wingate High School in Brooklyn, NY, only weeks after stepping off the plane from Jamaica, she expected...

Musicians overcome performance anxiety with positive mindset and confidence
Liam Umbs June 2, 2021

“I detest audiences,” said the legendary Canadian pianist Glenn Gould.  Frédéric Chopin, one of the most famous composers and pianists...

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