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CHS students step up to the plate for Seal of Biliteracy exam
Double-Trouble: twins take over Communications
Students pen their own independent publications
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CHS students struggle balancing good sleep schedules with their heavy work load.
Struggles to balance work causes sleepless nights
Toby Gui January 29, 2024

The conquest towards productivity is a hard-spent one, with students and creatives alike familiar with caffeine-filled nights spent slumped over projects. It brings up the question of how healthy this...

The truths of famous CEOs actions are spilled.
Glorified CEOs show true colors
Declan Berry January 29, 2024

CEOs often receive praise for their companies’ achievements, but recent failures in the tech and finance fields caused by these executives have shown that their personal glorification is often unwarranted....

Survey of 72 CHS Students from Jan. 2 to Jan. 8.
Not the “Prime” time for energy drinks at CHS
Liam Maccarrick and Savannah Williams January 29, 2024

“Are you guys tired? Yeah. But do you need that caffeine? No,” CHS Fitness and Health teacher Jennifer Baldaccini said. Earlier this year, a vending machine was installed in the cafeteria that sold...

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Celebrity impersonators take the stage by storm
Fans in dispute over Disney classics duplicates
Caitlin Covington: More than just pumpkin spice
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CHS teachers weigh in on their experience in male dominated industries.
Examining global gender disparities in STEM fields and leadership through CHS
Dara Fisher January 31, 2024

Communications High School (CHS), as its name suggests, tends to academically focus on liberal arts—while employing many women with backgrounds in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)....

CHS students unravel the history of the Israel-Hamas War and the years of conflict leading up to the war.
Israel-Hamas War: unraveling the layers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Adina Saks January 29, 2024

“Free Palestine.” “Bring them home now.” If you have a phone and social media, there is no doubt that you have seen videos, infographics and celebrities talking about the Israel-Hamas War. From...

70% of CHS seniors take hate crimes on campus in consideration when applying to colleges.
Countries see tensions swell as hate crimes increase
Alisa Kharod January 29, 2024

In recent years, hate crimes have been rising at an alarming rate. Many nations, including the U.S., have been grappling with an escalation in attacks targeting individuals based on race, ethnicity, sexual...

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Second chance student Brandon Bridges prepares a dish during his stay at the program.
From prison bars to becoming a star: Designer sets sights on new ventures
Emma Makin April 19, 2024

In the bustling world of culinary arts, flavors dance on plates and creativity has no bounds.  Brandon Bridges, a previously incarcerated...

Second Chance student Shermeira Harris works the line at the MCVSD Culinary Education Center during a Second Chance Class.
Formerly incarcerated students get a second chance to stir up success
Lily Howard April 10, 2024

It’s jambalaya night and Taurian Black is ready to turn his life around. Working around the kitchen, the cook supplies his colleagues with...

COVID-19: A look back at nurses' battle to slow the unstoppable
Riley Forrester June 2, 2021

A young man was admitted to a Philadelphia hospital in the early spring of 2020, one of the many patients infected with a new airborne virus...

Byron and Janice: Victory in the fight for educational opportunity
Vivianna Varlack June 2, 2021

When Janice Cato Varlack arrived at George Wingate High School in Brooklyn, NY, only weeks after stepping off the plane from Jamaica, she expected...

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