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As of March 12, 2021,
29,286,142 people have contracted coronavirus in the U.S., and 530,821 people have died. 19.3% of the U.S. population, and 22.1% of New Jersey’s, has received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

One year later: reflecting on life during COVID-19

Madison Beekman and Liam Umbs March 12, 2021

March 13, 2020, was the day all of our lives changed — though none of us realized it at the time. We were told that due to concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus, school would be conducted...

Ortiz is fluent in both Spanish and English and was placed into Spanish III in her freshman year.

Ortiz speaks fluently to her Latin American heritage in Spanish III

Kara Gallagher March 12, 2021

Building a little doll and throwing it into a fire is not a typical way people celebrate the New Year. Yet this is how Ecuadorians traditionally celebrate, and Freshman Ariana Ortiz of Long Branch was...

After Amanda FitzPatrick assigned her Neptune High School students a project capturing Hurricane Sandy, Asbury Park Press covered it. One of her students gifted her the metal plate that “ran” the article, plus an old-fashioned “litho-print.”

Students thank teachers with unique gifts

Kelly Meehan and Sabrina Liding March 12, 2021

From socks to movies to gift cards, the teachers of CHS have received a wide variety of gifts throughout their years. With some being heartfelt and others being downright weird, they are all especially...

Due to COVID-19 concerns and precautions, students and staff are required to wear masks. Many have adapted to this 'new-normal' as others are still getting used to this new safety protocol.

CHS continues to mask up safely

Julia Homza March 12, 2021

Masks mean different things to different people. For some, they have become a layer of protection, an inconvenience, an accessory, or a comfort. CHS students and staff are not exempt from this new normal. “I...

Students discuss opting out of hyrbid learning due to health concerns and to gain a better focus on their studies.

Learning preferences change with new marking period

Jacqueline Litowinsky March 12, 2021

When junior Francesca Santaniello of Tinton Falls participated in hybrid learning at the beginning of the year, the learning format proved to be more difficult than beneficial for her. “I feel like...

Due to COIVD-19 restrictions, underclassmen were unable to take the PSATs, leaving many with mixed feelings.

Underclassmen discuss missed PSAT opportunity

Andrew Seckular March 12, 2021

Coming on the heels of several other big announcements, CHS Principal James Gleason announced that the PSATs would be administered exclusively to the junior class this year. This announcement brought about...

The low amount of women in STEM is discussed as being a side-effect of lack of support and confidence in the formative years of education.

Female-dominant student body grapples with STEM gender gap

Isabella Ji and Nicola DeGregorio March 12, 2021

Out of the five Monmouth County Vocational Schools, CHS is the only one of its counterparts that does not turn its entire focus to the field of STEM; the other four schools are wholly dedicated to the...

MSCVD and Monmouth County hometown public schools may have different COVID-19 guidelines.

Home school COVID-19 safety setbacks affect MCVSD

Alex Dornemann January 19, 2021

All over the country, schools have been dealing with COVID-19. Monmouth County’s 32 public schools, including all five MCVSD schools, have not been exempt from this  Many school districts have closed...

A survey of 45 students from Dec. 21 to Jan. 4

In-person guidelines rule the school for hybrid students

Nina Kolodchak January 19, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, CHS has efficiently adapted to the ensuing regulations.  Rules to manage interactions between both students and educators are in place to prevent the spread of germs,...

A survey of 45 students from Dec. 21 to Jan. 4

Home for the holidays: students celebrate over break

Luke Sassa January 19, 2021

During normal times, many students within the CHS community partake in cherished holiday traditions alongside friends and family. However, with the pandemic raging on, most students have had a wrench thrown...

2020 CHS graduates give 2021 seniors college advice during unprecedented times.

Class of 2020 reflect on their college decisions, offer advice to the next graduating class

Jacqueline Litowinsky January 19, 2021

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, young adults have faced unique and difficult challenges. When thinking about the consequences of a deadly disease, these issues wouldn’t necessarily be...

Oldenski celebrates winning “Most Improved Player” at a summer
basketball camp in August 2017. He was diagnosed less than a year later.

Oldenski wears his game face through sickness and Fortnite

Francesco Thorik-Saboia January 19, 2021

Sophomore Jack Oldenski of Middletown played in a Fortnite tournament on Dec. 13 with two teammates. This was far from an average tournament: he was up against over 200,000 competitors. Oldenski and his...

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