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With the new vendor for school lunches, the price of lunch keeps rising causing many students to stop buying lunch.

Rising costs for school Lunch causing fewer buyers

Cate Stanziola and Isabella Remolina November 23, 2022

Pomptonian, CHS’s new food vendor, made its debut at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. It has been marketed as a healthier school lunch option compared to previous years. However, rising prices...

A new social media, BeReal has gained lots of popularity and has stormed the social media industry.

New social media app taking the industry by storm: BeReal

Siofra King November 23, 2022

BeReal has taken the social media industry by storm, gaining 56 million downloads this year alone.  Once a day, the app prompts users with a notification telling them they have “2 min left to capture...

Due to many budget cuts to sexual education in schools the LGBTQ+ community is lacking information and turn to the internet to find information out.

Schools lack sexual education for many LGBTQ+ communities

Stella Feinstein November 23, 2022

Sexual education has long been an “off-limits” subject in the United States, shrouded in stigma and humor. Regardless, according to Planned ParentHood, 96 percent of parents support sex education...

Survey of 54 CHS Students from Oct. 13 to Oct. 21.

Dress code policy debate

Kelly O'Toole and Madison Loushine November 23, 2022

On the third day of the 2022-23 school year, many students walked through the halls anxiously awaiting comments and criticism. Some wondered, “is the shirt I’m wearing too cropped, are the shorts I’m...

Survey of 54 CHS Students from Oct. 13 to Oct. 21.

Students struggling to create a work-life balance

Ori Rosmarin November 23, 2022

US News and World Report ranks Communications High School the 33rd Best High School in New Jersey out of 445 schools. While it might impress parents, this high rank does not come without the price of intense...

As Senior Mentorship approaches some Seniors without cars are struggling to find transportation.

Seniors giving more than two cents for mentorship

Nina Kolodchak November 23, 2022

Mentorship is a must for all seniors at MCVSD schools, offering them a one marking period work experience with a program of their choosing. Students are given a valuable opportunity – if they have a...

Sophomore Tanner Grigoli of Ocean plays the guitar CHS Coffeehouse 2021.

Grigoli plays to the TikTok beat

Ori Rosmarin November 23, 2022

Every time sophomore Tanner Grigoli of Ocean posts a TikTok, he’s bombarded with a plethora of comments ranging from “Wow you sound like an angel” to “I think I just fell in love.” Grigoli’s...

There are a variety of beliefs regarding the environment of friendships in CHS and if their really is distinct friend groups.

Not all friends click, but many friend groups clique at CHS

Ori Rosmarin September 15, 2022

Upperclassman tour guides and class election speeches often describe Communications High School as a “clique-free” environment. Oftentimes, this can leave students under the impression that their school...

Senior Quinn Bender of West Long Branch interned in the
imaging department and photography studio at the MET in
New York City.

Bender met a picture-perfect summer

Julia Homza September 15, 2022

Some CHS students spent their summers tanning at the shore and hanging out with friends. On the other side of the spectrum, senior Quinn Bender of West Long Branch spent the summer of 2022 interning at...

A survey of 45 CHS students from April 26 to May 2.

Gas prices stay on the rise, driving commuters crazy

Emma Makin and Ruth Crawford May 20, 2022

Many drivers are feeling the impacts of the impending ban on Russian oil imports over the invasion of Ukraine as gas prices skyrocket to a new level. While gas prices were rising before the war, they...

A survey of 45 CHS students from April 26 to
May 2.

Hindsight is 2022: students reflect on a year attending CHS

Isabela Delgado May 20, 2022

The grass is always greener on the other side; for prospective CHS students, this is the homey, unified environment to be found in the school. CHS proclaims to have an atmosphere where all of its students...

A survey of 45 CHS students from April 26 to
May 2.

The talk of the halls: Gossip’s grip on the students of CHS

Mackenzie Prince May 20, 2022

Whispers and stares fill the halls of Communications High School, oftentimes unbeknownst to those the conversation is about. Despite the smaller student body and close-knit community, CHS is not immune...

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