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CCC breakfast sales are causing conflict with the school lunch provider, Wall Food Services.

CCC in food fight over most important meal of the day

Lillian Chen, Ethan Wen, and Andrew Seckular April 14, 2022

Brown-bag lunches have long held a lackluster reputation among the school lunch crowd. However, brown-bag breakfasts? If it contains one of Spanish teacher Sabina Campbell’s signature CCC breakfast sale...

Survey of 13 CHS juniors from Feb. 18, 2022 to Feb. 25, 2022.

Juniors put brakes on car registration

Julia Homza April 14, 2022

Students at Communications High School are obligated to fill out registration forms to drive to school, but many juniors have not completed this necessity. While seniors are required to register their...

CHS electives prepare students to work in communications fields in the future.

Students elect for career preparedness

Nina Kolodchak April 14, 2022

One of the many perks of attending CHS is that students are offered a comprehensive variety of electives tailored to fit their communications-based interests. When picking electives, students consider...

Popular TV shows like Euphoria are influencing the drug use of teenagers.

Students discuss impacts of drug culture on schools

Ethan Wen, Nicola DeGregorio, and Andrew Seckular April 14, 2022

Media has become a growing factor in the War on Drugs. Drugs have found their way into social media, TV shows, music and athletics, making them virtually inescapable. The effects of this growing trend...

Many CHS students are unaware of the return of open labs, missing out on valuable time to use lab equipment such as the Adobe Suite.

Communications falling short with open labs

Justin Longo April 14, 2022

With the recent rollback of select COVID-19 restrictions at Communications High School came the return of open labs. However, students unaware of their return are hardly alone. Open labs, or classrooms...

In theme courses, CHS students are privileged to receive instruction from teachers who are experts in their respective fields.

Teaching from experience

Isabel Lindsay and Jacqueline Litowinsky April 14, 2022

Many unique aspects of CHS draw students in from all over Monmouth County. The school is known for its small class sizes, a supportive environment and academically-driven student body, but one of the most...

Junior Blu Gaines of Shrewsbury, center, designs and sews their own
clothes, including the dress that they wore to the 2022 Winter Ball.

1 in 300: Blu Gaines finds creativity in every fiber of their being

Ori Rosmarin April 14, 2022

Junior Blu Gaines of Shrewsbury has an unsuspected superpower: a constantly developing wardrobe that can and will never go out of style. With the rise of fast fashion, any trendy blouse, accessory or...

The class of 2024 is especially disconnected from the upperclassmen of CHS due to their hybrid freshman year.

The separation of CHS’ upper and underclassmen

Francesco Thorik-Saboia January 28, 2022

Freshmen in high school can have trouble fitting in, especially at a school like CHS where they probably aren’t going to know most people in their own classes, let alone students in other grades. Factors...

84% of those who made resolutions kept them according to YouGov.

Out with the old, in with the same for students in the New Year

Justin Longo January 28, 2022

With 2022 just beginning, so too does the yearly tradition of the American public setting forth on their New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps due to newfound free time provided by pandemic limitations, they’re...

Many students at CHS follow in their siblings footsteps when deciding to attend.

All in the family: siblings on finding success at CHS

Ethan Wen and Andrew Seckular January 28, 2022

In a small school of around 300 students, many may feel that living in the shadow of a sibling would hinder their own high school experience. However, a large number of siblings have traveled together...

During winter break students try to relax even with finals looming over their heads.

Winter break has students on thin ice before finals

Luke Bigley and Ethan Wen January 28, 2022

The longest break of the school year, winter break, allows students and teachers to ring in the New Year during an almost two week period from Dec. 24 through Jan. 2. However, this break occurs just weeks...

The focus of many Americans during the holiday season is on buying gifts.

Consumerism snakes its way into the holiday season

Cindy Lin and Adina Saks January 28, 2022

What used to be a day of religious significance has become a trillion-dollar industry synonymous with consumerism. Once representing the season of giving, the modern holiday season has come to be an embodiment...

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