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CHS students feel the sadness of the seasonal changes.

CHS Students feel the weight of Winter Blues

Adina Saks March 31, 2023

As the days become shorter and darker, students may begin to feel the effects of the phenomenon known as “winter blues,” a mild form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that causes fatigue, loss of...

Astrology is a big topic of conversation at Communications High School.

Astrology’s impact: CHS students looking to the stars for guidance

Ori Rosmarin and Julia Homza March 31, 2023

The question, “What’s your sign?” seems to fuel an ever-growing topic of conversation amongst teenagers. While in decades past, the average teenager might have been familiar with their sun sign,...

CHS students and teachers talk about the winter blues spreading down the halls.

Fluctuating temperatures at CHS a cause for worry in winter months

Adina Saks March 31, 2023

As the days become shorter and darker, students may begin to feel the effects of the phenomenon known as “winter blues,” a mild form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that causes fatigue, loss of...

CHS club leaders and council members talk about their experience fundraising.

Follow the money: club leaders discuss their fundraising tactics

Kirthna Todupunuri and Diya Mandal March 31, 2023

Throughout the year, CHS students help organize various fundraisers in order to sponsor special events such as Homecoming, Winter Ball and other occasions. Clubs and class councils use different techniques...

CHS seniors of the Class of 2023 spin vinyl during their lunch period.

New senior hallway ritual is one for the record books

Stella Feinstein and Maxine Zahler March 31, 2023

If you have heard your parents’ favorite song from the 80’s while strolling through the halls lately, the music is probably coming from the new record player set up in the senior hallway. Senior...

CHS guidance counselor Sandra Guidos weighs in on Communications High School students majoring in things other than communications.

Gidos weighs in on competitive college admissions across MCVSD

Zaina Saif March 31, 2023

As 2023’s wave of acceptances, deferrals, waitlists and rejections have begun rolling out for high school seniors everywhere, many are begging the question of what goes into admission at a top university....

Junior James Matthews of Middletown performs at The Stone Pony on March 4 in Asbury Park, NJ.

From CHS cafeteria to The Stone Pony, Matthews of Exit 109 rocks the stage

Ori Rosmarin March 31, 2023

At 3 p.m. on March 4, 2023, junior and bassist James Matthews of Middletown was able to utter words previously spoken by New Jersey legends such as Bruce Springstein, Frankie Valli and Jon Bon Jovi: “Welcome...

Survey of 54 CHS students from Dec. 6 to Dec. 16.

Inconsistent temperatures at CHS becoming hot-button issue

Siofra King January 20, 2023

The temperature at CHS has been an ongoing complaint between students who are constantly criticizing the temperature for being “freezing” or “too hot” based on their location in the building. “Upstairs...

CHS students reflect on how staff deal and accommodate students with various disabilities.

Mixed signals from students and staff on IEPs, disability accommodations and accessibility at CHS

Phineaus Whedon and John Pallone January 20, 2023

School can be a burden. Difficult tests, mountains of homework and complicated concepts often make classes difficult to get through. This problem only worsens when disabilities are taken into account. Communications...

CHS students and teachers  share their upcoming plans for winter break.

Breaking the ice: students’ plans form winter break

Anya Alston and Amelia White January 20, 2023

Saturday, Dec. 24 marked the first official day of Winter Break for Communications  High School. Many students and staff members swapped their school routines for extra family time as 2022 came to an...

A new history class will be added into the curriculum that takes a deeper look into modern humanities and genocide studies which will be taught by Mrs. OKeefe.

O’Keefe to add to curriculum

Lillian Chen January 20, 2023

“Never again” is the oft-repeated promise of Holocaust and genocide study historians – but the pledge has yet to ring true. With International Holocaust Remembrance Day approaching on Jan. 27, the...

Freshman Zachary Pressler rides unicycle with a friend on top
during a local LGBTQ+ event. Pressler has been performing
in the circus community since he was six years old.

Pressler’s childhood acrobatics brings circus talents to CHS

Avery Booth and Diya Mandal January 20, 2023

When most high schoolers choose an extracurricular, they opt to participate in activities such as sports, writing or visual art. Freshman, Zachary Pressler, however, chose a more unique path. Performing...

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