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CHS teachers weigh in on their experience in male dominated industries.

Examining global gender disparities in STEM fields and leadership through CHS

Dara Fisher January 31, 2024

Communications High School (CHS), as its name suggests, tends to academically focus on liberal arts—while employing many women with backgrounds in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)....

CHS students unravel the history of the Israel-Hamas War and the years of conflict leading up to the war.

Israel-Hamas War: unraveling the layers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Adina Saks January 29, 2024

“Free Palestine.” “Bring them home now.” If you have a phone and social media, there is no doubt that you have seen videos, infographics and celebrities talking about the Israel-Hamas War. From...

70% of CHS seniors take hate crimes on campus in consideration when applying to colleges.

Countries see tensions swell as hate crimes increase

Alisa Kharod January 29, 2024

In recent years, hate crimes have been rising at an alarming rate. Many nations, including the U.S., have been grappling with an escalation in attacks targeting individuals based on race, ethnicity, sexual...

CHS students learn to understand the depths of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Understanding the Russo-Ukrainian War

Maxine Zahler January 29, 2024

When describing Russia’s pursuits to reclaim Ukraine, international leaders have used the words “imperialism” and “war crimes.” In these trying times, Ukraine vies for more aid from superpowers,...

Survey of 93 CHS students from Oct. 16 to Oct. 23.

Understanding love through societal and generational expectations

Isabela Delgado November 22, 2023

Love: a set of emotions and behaviors characterized by intimacy, passion and commitment. It involves care, closeness, protectiveness, attraction, affection and trust, according to Verywell Mind. Everyone...

CHS students discuss the effects of social media on their mental health.

Mental health issues arise as social media usage increases

Kyla Kidorf November 22, 2023

Since the first form of social media emerged in 1997, it has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of our daily lives shaping the way we connect, communicate and perceive the world around us. However,...

CHS teachers try new teaching methods to ensure engaged students.

CHS experiments with new teaching methods to ensure effective learning

Angela Ruiz and Jenna Lynch November 22, 2023

As society has adapted to increasingly advanced technology, so has the perception of learning. New resources introduce challenges on the structure of education and what the true practice of teaching is. Teaching...

CHS students debate if the extremities of cancel cancel are justified.

Groupthink: phenomenon of like-mindedness challenges self-identity

Bailey McBride November 22, 2023

What do J.K. Rowling, Sia and Kanye West all have in common? They were canceled online. Cancel culture is an example of the psychological phenomenon known as groupthink. Groupthink occurs when a group...

After Indiana’s Carmel High School went viral for a TikTok showcasing the impressive school, arguments arise on inequality in the struggling schools surrounding Carmel.

Inequality issues arise in education

Lily Howard September 21, 2023

Indiana’s Carmel High School went viral for a TikTok boasting the institution’s public cafe, planetarium, hall of fame and several gymnasiums went viral—and for a reason. Most students cannot access...

Trump and Weinstein finally face accountability and legal repercussions.

Holding the powerful accountable: Trump and Weinstein face legal repercussions

Adina Saks September 21, 2023

Thursday, Aug. 24 marked a significant moment in American history; a close-up image of Donald Trump’s scowling face went viral, becoming the first mugshot ever taken of a former president. Trump, along...

YouTube star,  Colleen Ballinger, makes an apology song to address recent allegations.

Internet creators dodge accountability as users consume problematic content

Dara Fisher September 21, 2023

With social media providing a platform for anyone to view online content, influencers are now accustomed to constantly being under the public eye and opinion. Although many have been called out for inappropriate...

Taylor Swift is responsible for adding an extra amount of unnecessary  carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from her private jet trips.

Celebrities’ lavish lifestyles responsible for driving carbon emissions

Ava Rubinstein September 21, 2023

Private jets, yachts, investments; with a lifestyle like this, it is no surprise that billionaires have incredibly high carbon footprints. Some have taken accountability for their negative impact on the...

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