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The concern of what age is too old for a president continues as Joe Biden is president at 80 years old.

Debate over maximum age for the U.S. presidency

Cayla Carlson June 16, 2023

When it comes to the U.S. presidency, how old is too old? At 80 years old, current president Joe Biden has become the oldest president to serve in office. Many think that his age affects his decision-making...

A survey of 57 students from May 27 to June 1.

Should students learn Physics I sophomore year?

Phineaus Whedon June 16, 2023

“Calculate the deflective force on a charge made up of 7.654 x 1012 electrons attached to a microscopic spring with a k of 8.96 and compressed 7.9 meters within a magnetic field of 3.025 Teslas, assuming...

Students debate if there should be limitations to how many council positions one can hold.

Students’ leadership roles causes controversy at CHS

Cate Stanziola and Isabella Remolina June 16, 2023

Students engage in head-to-head combat for any position that can help them project from the others. Communications High School curates an incredibly competitive environment in all fields; unexpectedly,...

As exciting as college is it isnt the most necessary or realistic for some as many may think.

Down with the degree: students doubt college importance

Cayla Carlson and Ruth Crawford May 25, 2023

For many people, the idea of going to college is both exciting and nerve-wracking, as it is viewed as one of the most important times of a student’s life to further their education and career. Throughout...

Survey of 51 CHS Students from date to date.

Mental health and media: is it time to ‘turn off’ reality TV?

Jordan Juliano May 25, 2023

“Do you really think you can have a CoverGirl contract with a gap in your mouth?” Tyra Banks said on season 6 of “America’s Next Top Model” regarding Danielle Evans, a contestant who had a gap...

The United States debates whether or not to stay prepared for future pandemics.

Should the U.S. be prepared for the next pandemic?

Jordan Denzler March 31, 2023

The United States of America is known as a melting pot—a place where people of any culture, race or religion can meet and spread ideas...and COVID-19. The easiest way to gauge the effects of COVID-19...

CHS students discuss alternatives to the exams schedule for less stressful testing.

CHS exam schedules face student backlash

John Pallone and Ahren Gaikwad March 31, 2023

Finals are already the most stressful thing a student must face in school, but the exam schedule at CHS could be adding more stress than needed. CHS just wrapped up its first-semester finals, which begs...

America reacts to the threat of banning TikTok.

Say goodbye to your FYP: Is TikTok being banned?

Lily Howard March 31, 2023

TikTok caught the public’s eye in 2016 and has grown to over 1.5 billion active users in the years following. However, with suspicions over misuse of user data and invasive practices, President Biden...

Vinyls and record players have been making a comeback in the lives of teenagers.

The resurgence of vinyl records

Alisa Kharod and Maxine Zahler March 31, 2023

While technology today is more advanced than ever, teenagers are reverting to old ways of listening to music; vinyl, cassettes and other older analog media trends that lost popularity in the early 2000s...

The Oxford Comma and whether or not it is really necessary is debated around schools.

The Oxford comma debate

Fiona Griffin and Phineaus Whedon March 31, 2023

In 2018, Oakhurst Dairy paid out millions of dollars to its employees over a single piece of missing punctuation within Maine’s legislature: the Oxford comma. The Oxford comma as popularized by the...

The question of how long supreme court justices should serve come into question as it is seen that their political stances influence their decisions and are completely ignoring to make change on things that have been major issues for decades already.

Should Supreme Court Justices serve lifelong terms?

Isabel Santamaria November 24, 2022

The youngest Supreme Court Justice ever to serve, Joseph Story, was only 32 years old, over 200 years ago in 1812. Currently, the youngest Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, is 50 years old and...

Artist Kanye West has faced backlash in recent months after making
several anti-semitic comments.

Controversial artists: where should we draw the line?

Cayla Carlson November 24, 2022

Listening to music is a simple pleasure that allows people to connect with both the lyrics and others who appreciate their favorite songs. The idea that one should not listen to certain songs because of...

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