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Former actress Meghan Markle, 39, married Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, 36, in May 2018. According to Fox Business, the wedding
reportedly cost $45 million, with the majority of the money going towards security for the couple and the royals attending the ceremony.

Will Meghan Markle tear the British royal family apart?

Sam Skolnick May 5, 2021

We’ve all seen this story before: a prince meets a young woman, they fall in love and get married in a grand wedding. Yet, true fairy tales are anything but that. Both Princess Diana and Meghan Markle,...

Joe Biden addresses supporters at an event in Des Moines, Iowa, on May 1, 2019, just days after announcing his candidacy for president. After spending 100 days in office, his record is being carefully scrutinized by Americans to see if he has accomplished what he said he would.

A look at President Biden’s first 100 days in office

Ryan Lemberger May 5, 2021

President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office are being observed closely over promises kept on the campaign trail. While his top priorities include COVID-19 and immigration, he is not backing down from...

As vaccines become more and more wide-spread, many Americans are worried about re-opening and whether it is too soon.

As summer begins, re-opening plans are in place

Mackenzie Prince May 5, 2021

As vaccines continue to become more accessible throughout America, many states, including Florida and Texas, are beginning to reopen. For states, the term “reopening” means that businesses are resuming...

While Disney removes movies due to racist scenes, many parents are upset at the loss of the films.

Erasing cultural insensitivity within Disney+

Kaitlin Brice May 5, 2021

Disney Plus announced the removal of select classic movies from children’s profiles within the streaming service due to exhibits of racial and cultural insensitivity. Some parents are now arguing that...

Although older drivers have the most experience driving, some question their ability to drive safely on the road.

Physically impaired, or wise from more experience?

Cayla Carlson May 5, 2021

When driving on the road, it is quite common to see a driver who tends to drive super slow or maybe seems a little unsteady. In some of these instances, it’s also quite common for the driver to be older....

As of March 12, 2021,
29,286,142 people have contracted coronavirus in the U.S., and 530,821 people have died. 19.3% of the U.S. population, and 22.1% of New Jersey’s, has received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

One year later: reflecting on life during COVID-19

Madison Beekman and Liam Umbs March 12, 2021

March 13, 2020, was the day all of our lives changed — though none of us realized it at the time. We were told that due to concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus, school would be conducted...

A survey of 54 students from Feb.3 to Feb.10.

Will raising the minimum wage help or hurt the economy?

Ryan Hart March 12, 2021

Minimum wage is always a hot topic when it comes to American politics and economics. In every debate there is one question that prevails over all others, and for obvious reasons too: is it better to have...

Donald Trump, pictured on the left, has been permentaly banned from Twitter and many other social media platforms. As some criticize these tech companies, many applaud the ban of the former president.

Donald Trump deserves his social media suspension

Zaina Saif March 12, 2021

On Friday, Jan. 9, Twitter announced that it had permanently banned then President Donald Trump from service due to the risk of further incitement of violence. Trump’s eviction from Twitter quickly set...

YouTuber Jenna Marbles speaks at VidCon 2012 in Anaheim, Calif. Fans
say she was unfairly “canceled” for an incident she was not at fault for.

Cancel culture’s fine line between ruination and accountability

Keira MacDermott March 12, 2021

In social media today, the infamous “cancel culture” is known to destroy the lives of countless well-known celebrities. Whether this is for vulgar and unspeakable actions or a misstep in speech, the...

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