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Many high school students are finding themselves in toxic romantic relationships at a  young age and are struggling to leave them.

When high school relationships suddenly turn toxic

Ronit Khromchenko and Logan Clarke May 20, 2022

High school relationships have remained a prevalent part of our culture for longer than most can say, documented within books, movies, television shows and even real life. However, high school relationships...

A survey of 45 CHS students from April 26 to May 2.

Does CHS technology maintain industry standards?

Brandon Kopp May 20, 2022

The rapid progression of technology in recent years gives new, state-of-the-art tech a lifespan of only a few years before it is tossed aside, regarded as old and outdated. NASA’s Space Center Houston...

The recent rumor of Roe V. Wade case being possibly overturned causes woman and society as a whole to fear the dangers this will bring.

The danger of restricting abortions after Roe v. Wade

Samantha Skolnick May 20, 2022

A woman’s life is full of taboos: periods, sexual harassment and childbirth. Then there’s birth control, one of the only ways to take control of our bodies. On May 3, the nation was met with the...

Many students feel burnt out towards the end of the school year calling attention to if their should be more breaks during the school year.

Time off of school leaves breaks in learning

Ori Rosmarin May 20, 2022

As the school year has settled into its final marking period, many students have found themselves struggling with burn out, holding onto the promise of summer break as a life raft amidst the stress. While...

Some students feel as the semester changes the curriculum teachers use also change causing students to be upset about the unfairness of the workload.

How much can curriculum vary?

Mackenzie Prince May 20, 2022

With only half the school attending a subject at a time, CHS students are bound to compare notes and homework with their friends once entering the second semester of classes; however, some students have...

Some CHS students struggle to make it back on time to their home high school for sports resulting in getting punished while others are fortunate to have flexible coaches.

CHS athletes on thin ice due to differing schedules

Aaron Diament, Jordan Denzler, and Ethan Wen May 20, 2022

For CHS athletes, the ball is rarely in their court. While some students enjoy competing for their home high school’s sports teams, others find themselves at a disadvantage merely due to attending CHS. Some...

With the mask mandate being lifted, some are wondering if this decision came too soon.

How opportune was the lifting of the mask mandate?

Dara Fisher and Ronit Khromchenko April 14, 2022

The school mask mandate was lifted by Governor Phil Murphy, sparking speculation over whether it was the appropriate time to lift the mask mandate. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks...

Electric cars are environmentally friendly but are not accessible to the public.

The real cost of electric cars

Joseph Wicke and Francesco Thorik-Saboia April 14, 2022

An all-electric future might come with a cost, literally. While its benefits to the environment are undeniable, electric cars are not yet a viable solution. In order to fully integrate electric cars into...

President Zelenskyy asks Ukrainians to remain strong for their country and the world.

Russia Attacks Ukraine

Ryan Lemberger, Emma Makin, and Cayla Carlson April 14, 2022

On Feb. 24, Russia officially invaded Ukraine. Since then, over 4.6 million refugees have fled to surrounding counties, with more escaping everyday, according to data kept by the United Nations. Neighboring...

Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, appointed by President Joe Biden.

Historic SCOTUS nomination

Mackenzie Prince April 14, 2022

“Two years ago, I made the commitment to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court, ” posted President Joe Biden on Instagram. “I’m proud to nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.” On...

School breaks cater toward Christianity

School breaks cater toward Christianity

Lillian Chen and Carla Vreeland April 14, 2022

With spring break approaching for schools nationwide, many students are preparing for a week of relaxation away from school. Some are anticipating the observation of a religious holiday, such as Passover...

In the NFL, minority coaches are at a disadvantage in the hiring process.

NFL fails to provide an equal playing field for coaches of color

Ryan Lemberger April 14, 2022

During the NFL season, while football fans are paying attention to the game, some media personnel are paying attention to the difference in race between players and coaches. Minority coaches are disproportionately...

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