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Guidelines are necessary to help end the pandemic

Guidelines are necessary to help end the pandemic

Madison Beekman and Liam Umbs January 19, 2021

On Thursday, Jan. 7, 4,194 people died from the coronavirus in the United States, surpassing 4,000 for the first time and setting a new record high. On Tuesday, Jan. 12, the United States beat that record,...

Kate Fitzsimons, a motivational speaker and life coach originally from Sydney, Australia, addresses students at
Communications High School on Feb. 25, 2020. She discussed the importance of managing negative emotions
and being in control when choosing how to respond to difficult situations.

Mental health deserves to be treated as importantly as physical health

Eli Tapia January 19, 2021

We live in a world that never stops moving, and although mental health awareness has quickly become a trending topic, many times it's overlooked and pushed aside in fear of slowing us down. The case isn’t...

According to a study from Pew Research Center, people are more
likely to interact with news sources that agree with their ideas.

Political party-owned media could further political bias

Carla Vreeland January 19, 2021

In this day and age, the spread of misinformation can be disastrous.  With growing technology designed to show us only what we want to see or anything that will keep our attention the longest, we should...

The longest serving member of the U.S. Congress was John
Dingell, a congressman from Michigan who retired after serving 59 years and 21 days in the House of Representatives.

Should members of Congress have term limits?

Maggie Schneider and Eli Tapia January 19, 2021

In today’s politically charged environment, arguments are constantly being made on how to improve politics in order to better serve the people and their needs. One of the most discussed topics recently...

A survey of 45 students from Dec. 21 to Jan. 4

Should the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory?

Ryan Lemberger January 19, 2021

Scientists and doctors can not force people to take vaccines. However, with the COVID-19 vaccine being approved for emergency use by the FDA in less than 11 months, the public has concerns over long term...

Mental health is an important issue that has now been prioritized due to COVID-19.

With hybrid scheduling, mental health is important

Madison Beekman and Liam Umbs November 25, 2020

As the novel coronavirus continues to plague countries across the world, so does the stress and anxiety caused by the deadly disease. While some people are getting tired of mask-wearing, social distancing...

With the lose of Former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Supreme Court seat is filled before the 2020 election.

Was the Supreme Court nomination constitutional?

Sam Skolnick November 25, 2020

While Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Antonin Scalia had opposing views on politics, the two had many things in common: both enjoyed opera, both traveled to India and rode elephants together and...

Drunk driving in teens decreases yet is still a problem.

As drunk driving in teens decreases, it is still an important issue

Ryan Hart November 25, 2020

It’s not a surprising fact that there’s a global problem with underage drinking. Peer pressure, the collective thought that drinking is fun or cool and the supposed adrenaline rush of doing something...

As CHS transitions to a hybrid schedule, students share their thoughts.

Students discuss their views on the hybrid schedule

Ryan Lemberger November 25, 2020

In the darkest of times, CHS is changing everyday habits using a hybrid schedule. For upperclassmen, this schedule is very different and unfamiliar compared to what was seen in the past. Junior and senior...

According to a study by Harvard University, 69% of students cite
getting into a good college as a source of stress.

The SAT and its role for students in today’s society

Jacqueline Litowinsky November 25, 2020

The SAT: a test feared by juniors and seniors alike. The questions of “What happens if I don’t get a good score?” and “Will I get accepted into college?” Since the SAT’s inception in 1926,...

According to a survey by Politico, 66% of Gen Z is
disapproving of the current presidential administration.

Gen Z speaks out through politics

Carla Vreeland November 25, 2020

In an ever-changing landscape that presents new uncertainties and developments every day, it should not come as a surprise that Gen Z, considered to be “the most diverse and digitally connected generation...

American politics are evolving past the need of political debates.

Democracy decides, not debates

Zaina Saif November 25, 2020

We have progressed past the need for Presidential Debates “Will you shut up, man,” Joseph Biden uttered to President Donald Trump just twenty minutes into the first presidential debate of the 2020...

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