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The Artist’s Block: Molly Arcara

The Artist’s Block: Molly Arcara

Molly Arcara November 24, 2022

Name of Piece: “Winter” Artist: Molly Acara “A screencap from ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ repainted in my art style” - Molly Arcara of Red Bank Media Used:Procreate Time...

People in the younger generation have been reading less and less causing a deficiency in all the benefits reading gives to people.

Generations reading fewer books

Katrina Hung and Janell Gui November 24, 2022

We’ve all been exposed to some form of storytelling, and naturally, with the word “story,” storybook comes to mind. With less and less readers, some may wonder if technology’s advancement is plaguing...

As temperatures drop students find things to enjoy about autumn.

Students are falling for colder seasons

Ava Rubinstein and Madison Demaree November 24, 2022

Fall: the season of pumpkin spice, apple picking and flannel jackets. Many of these elements instill feelings of joy and warmth, which stems from society’s tendency to romanticize the season. To romanticize...

Artificial intelligence makes art creation more accessible, as websites
create detailed images like the one above in seconds. Because of the
lack of skill and control creators have over these pieces, artists have
questioned their creative merit.

AI art: is it making creativity accesible or cutting corners?

Justin Longo November 24, 2022

Artificial intelligence software allows users to animate and design with just a click. With these tools becoming more mainstream, many are worried about the implications of AI-generated art. Artificial...

New influencers are now being integrated into the fashion world and are bringing higher end brands a market for the  younger population.

New audiences tune in as influencers enter the runway

Cate Stanziola and Isabella Remolina November 24, 2022

The rise of social media stars in the front-row seats of catwalks at the most prestigious fashion events has sparked some debate. Fashion used to be dictated by industry experts and high-end brands, however,...

Fashion, interior design, and other media are losing their vibrancy to the dismay of the general population.
“2.26.09: color wheel” by the Dalogs is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Are bright colors becoming a pigment of the imagination?

Maxine Zahler and Molly McCarthy November 24, 2022

Life has actually become grayer, according to a study conducted by the British Science Museum. The London-based museum analyzed ancient and modern objects to arrive at their conclusion: older objects...

A CHS student has created an art composition of memes in the CHS girls bathroom although it was taken down it was a great example of how easy it is to express artwork in public places.

“Meme Stall” creates controversial art pieces

Phineaus Whedon and Fiona Griffin November 24, 2022

From lifelike portraits to abstract sculptures, artists express themselves in a variety of ways. While some mediums of expression, like drawing, are rather common, others tend to be a little more unorthodox....

Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most notable
fashion influencers in the 1500s. She often posed
for portraits like this one.

The influence of fashion on culture across history

Nolan O'Keefe September 15, 2022

In today’s world, fashion influencers sit on a much more metaphorical throne than those of the past. With the term “fashion influencer” likely comes the thought of social media, but they’ve been...

The clothes a person wears have many effects such as psychological and can even be the way they express themselves.

Psychology of getting dressed

Stella Feinstein September 15, 2022

  When it comes to clothing, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. Beyond just appearance, clothes can impact the way a person thinks and is perceived, a phenomenon scientists have deemed...

Foreign films in the past have had trouble getting their media in America however,  recently they have gained popularity in the states.

Foreign films sail to the states

Lily Howard September 15, 2022

Behind every movie and television series is a team of cast and crew members who put hard work into creating a quality product. Yet, some audiences may never enjoy these productions, as they must first...

HBO Max purged almost 40 titles from
its platform in a controversial business

HBO Max casts a shadow on television’s future in new merger

Lily Howard September 15, 2022

Television shows are almost destined to fade out of popularity with the general public, especially as they grow older and there are fewer ways to watch them. This might be a reality for almost 40 titles...

The Artists Block: Isaac Van Benthuysen

The Artist’s Block: Isaac Van Benthuysen

Isaac Van Benthuysen May 20, 2022

Name of Piece: “Pride” Artist: Isaac Van Benthuysen “[It’s of a] man sitting beside a woman laying on the ground. It took me a year to make from October 2020 to October 2021.”- Senior Isaac...

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