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A survey of 55 students from Apr. 6. to Apr. 13.

Paper books continue to triumph in the fight against e-books

Isabella Ji May 5, 2021

With GPS systems taking over handheld maps and digital contact lists overthrowing phone books, new technological improvements introduced to society continue to replace products. When it comes to books,...

Although the new music streaming services produce less plastic, greenhouses gases are produced to such an extent that it causes discussions on the whether there is still hope for other music listening materials.

With streaming music comes unexpected environmental pitfalls

Keira MacDermott May 5, 2021

Rather than loading up on plastic and vinyl records only to use them once in a while, most people have made the choice to have constant access to their favorite songs. However, recent studies suggest that...

Leonardo DiCaprio, left, visits Goddard Space Flight Center to discuss Earth science with meteorologist and astronaut Piers Sellers.

Hollywood makes their mark on helping climate change

Katherine Manatos May 5, 2021

With the leadership and support of Hollywood stars Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio, the fight against climate change is being brought to the attention of larger and more influential audiences. Mark...

A survey of 55 students from Apr. 6. to Apr. 13.

Artists find inspiration and creativity for work through their natural surroundings

Ella Lukowiak May 5, 2021

Creation is a term with countless facets. There is, however, one fact that remains true no matter what: creativity is born from inspiration. Some find it in people — friends, family or strangers —...

The Artist's Block: Meagan Ellis

The Artist’s Block: Meagan Ellis

Meagan Ellis March 12, 2021

Name of Piece: "Nevermind" Artist: Meagan Ellis This piece was a commission by my friend as the cover of an album he’s making. With references to pictures of himself, I used brushes and smudging...

A survey of 54 students from Feb. 3 to Feb. 10.

Are people “scream”-ing less due to the rise of horror films?

Sam Skolnick March 12, 2021

Sidney runs away from the killer, drenched in blood. Without her friends, she is the lone target. The killer puts a knife to her throat and says, “Now Sid, don’t you blame the movies. Movies don’t...

With the future of the Marvel franchise in question, many applaud the new television series

Marvel Studios launches phase four of “universe”

Lily Howard March 12, 2021

Marvel — a company known for releasing action-packed movies — has created what seems to be a romantic sitcom on Disney Plus. While the company has released several shows in the past, a lack of communication...

TikTok provides access to millions of videos and songs.

Tiktok has hold on the music industry

Katherine Manatos March 12, 2021

The music industry, as well as music consumption, has changed drastically due to TikTok’s influence on listeners and producers. Through 15-60 second videos, TikTok appeals to the short attention span...

Sophomore Meghan Garrity dancing at the Headliners Dance competition in Lawrence Township, NJ in March of 2019.

Dancing between the line of hard work and unhealthy criticism

Maddie Lee March 12, 2021

A dancer’s job from rehearsals to the stage is to look effortless, but in reality, it’s not all that easy. The dance industry is known for having extremely high standards. Dancers will often feel...

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