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The Artist's Block: Meagan Ellis

The Artist’s Block: Meagan Ellis

Meagan Ellis March 12, 2021

Name of Piece: "Nevermind" Artist: Meagan Ellis This piece was a commission by my friend as the cover of an album he’s making. With references to pictures of himself, I used brushes and smudging...

A survey of 54 students from Feb. 3 to Feb. 10.

Are people “scream”-ing less due to the rise of horror films?

Sam Skolnick March 12, 2021

Sidney runs away from the killer, drenched in blood. Without her friends, she is the lone target. The killer puts a knife to her throat and says, “Now Sid, don’t you blame the movies. Movies don’t...

With the future of the Marvel franchise in question, many applaud the new television series

Marvel Studios launches phase four of “universe”

Lily Howard March 12, 2021

Marvel — a company known for releasing action-packed movies — has created what seems to be a romantic sitcom on Disney Plus. While the company has released several shows in the past, a lack of communication...

TikTok provides access to millions of videos and songs.

Tiktok has hold on the music industry

Katherine Manatos March 12, 2021

The music industry, as well as music consumption, has changed drastically due to TikTok’s influence on listeners and producers. Through 15-60 second videos, TikTok appeals to the short attention span...

Sophomore Meghan Garrity dancing at the Headliners Dance competition in Lawrence Township, NJ in March of 2019.

Dancing between the line of hard work and unhealthy criticism

Maddie Lee March 12, 2021

A dancer’s job from rehearsals to the stage is to look effortless, but in reality, it’s not all that easy. The dance industry is known for having extremely high standards. Dancers will often feel...

A survey of 54 students from Feb. 3 to
Feb. 10.

Is original art an abstract idea?

Adina Saks March 12, 2021

Students at CHS, many being artistically and musically gifted, would agree that art can be a means to portray oneself honestly. As freshman Anna Lindberg of Keansburg says, “I think the true purpose...

As streaming services begin to become more popular than movie theaters, many wonder about what the future of films will hold.

“It’s a wrap” for movie theaters

Katherine Manatos January 20, 2021

It’s time to say our final goodbyes to old leather recliner seats, oily, buttered popcorn and overpriced candy, as movie theaters are closer than ever to closing for good.  In the past five years,...

Thrift stores such as the Kitty Hawk in North Carolina are low-
cost alternatives to buying fast fashion.

Fast fashion: trendy or destructive?

Sarah Rau January 20, 2021

It takes as much water to make a single cotton t-shirt as it does for a person to drink for 900 days, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature. Rivers in China, India and Bangladesh are now polluted...

Artists are met with creative decisions on their work due to monetary issues.

Artists must choose to create for their audience or for themselves

Nicola DeGregorio and Isabella Ji January 19, 2021

The compulsive draw of publicity and making money disturbs the world of artistry, making artists question their motive to create: for themselves or for their audience. Though it is possible for an artist...

Propaganda has been used in many ways throughout history to manipulate.

Art has been used to change mindsets and shape opinion

Adina Saks January 19, 2021

“Art helps you express the feelings you can't put into words,” freshman Kelly Meehan of Wall Township says. Because art is so easily conveyed and seen, it has often played a manipulative role in society....

Skolnick’s grandmother dances to Czech Polka songs at a recent wedding.

Music can benefit patients living with dementia and Alzheimer’s

Sam Skolnick January 19, 2021

My grandmother, Cleanor Skolnick, was diagnosed with dementia seven years ago, and she slowly has begun to forget memories, places and even me. Yet, there is one thing that she always seems to remember,...

The Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau encountered
an unusual structure known as a monolith in Red Rock County,
Utah on Nov. 18, 2020 while working with the Utah Division of
Wildlife Resources.

Mystery monoliths are appearing around the world

Sabrina Liding and Kelly Meehan January 19, 2021

Monoliths are huge, 3 meter metal structures that appear and disappear at random times and at random places.  The first monolith was discovered on Nov. 18, 2020 in the middle of a Utah desert. However,...

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