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Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most notable
fashion influencers in the 1500s. She often posed
for portraits like this one.

The influence of fashion on culture across history

Nolan O'Keefe September 15, 2022

In today’s world, fashion influencers sit on a much more metaphorical throne than those of the past. With the term “fashion influencer” likely comes the thought of social media, but they’ve been...

The clothes a person wears have many effects such as psychological and can even be the way they express themselves.

Psychology of getting dressed

Stella Feinstein September 15, 2022

  When it comes to clothing, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. Beyond just appearance, clothes can impact the way a person thinks and is perceived, a phenomenon scientists have deemed...

Foreign films in the past have had trouble getting their media in America however,  recently they have gained popularity in the states.

Foreign films sail to the states

Lily Howard September 15, 2022

Behind every movie and television series is a team of cast and crew members who put hard work into creating a quality product. Yet, some audiences may never enjoy these productions, as they must first...

HBO Max purged almost 40 titles from
its platform in a controversial business

HBO Max casts a shadow on television’s future in new merger

Lily Howard September 14, 2022

Television shows are almost destined to fade out of popularity with the general public, especially as they grow older and there are fewer ways to watch them. This might be a reality for almost 40 titles...

The Artists Block: Isaac Van Benthuysen

The Artist’s Block: Isaac Van Benthuysen

Isaac Van Benthuysen May 20, 2022

Name of Piece: “Pride” Artist: Isaac Van Benthuysen “[It’s of a] man sitting beside a woman laying on the ground. It took me a year to make from October 2020 to October 2021.”- Senior Isaac...

A new form of animation  has become more popular known as three dimensional animation which has overtaken the two dimensional animation industry.

Traditional animation’s journey from industry standard to second-rate

Justin Longo May 20, 2022

Though two-dimensional drawing dominated the art of animation for decades, in the last 20 years three-dimensional animation has risen to prominence, and 2D animation has all but disappeared on the silver...

Fans can express their appreciation for their favorite
content through art, writing, and other media. Photo
licensed under “35 - Get Ready, Get Set, Write” by
MellieRene4 is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0.

Fans stir controversy as they try to appreciate different content

Alex Batzar May 20, 2022

Writing fan fiction allows fans to express their creativity while also exploring characters and content outside of their origin media. Collectively, fan fiction and other types of fan-made content,...

Designer fashion pieces are popular, but
can lead to purchases worth thousands of
dollars and beg the question of how much
they’re really worth.

The real cost of high- end designer fashion

Nolan O'Keefe May 20, 2022

With $36,000, one could choose to buy a two-ton BMW or a two-pound Gucci bag. Designer pieces can go for thousands of dollars, a price that seems reasonable to some and entirely ridiculous to others....

The New Netflix show Inventing Anna shares the story of the famous con artist, Anna Sorokin and the product of this series reveals that modern society is the true criminal.

Netflix shines a light on deceit in short series Inventing Anna

Ella Lukowiak May 20, 2022

A $100 bill slid over the counter. An accent no one can place. A charming smile and confident attitude. Anna Delvey charmed her way through New York’s elite and nearly convinced the world that she was...

With the ease and accessibility of social media, more users are turning
to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram for current events rather
than established news outlets.

Social media replaces newspapers in current events

Madison Demaree and Ava Rubinstein May 20, 2022

For teenagers and adults alike, using networks like Instagram and Twitter as news sources has become second nature. Considering how accessible and mindless it is to post and consume content on these platforms,...

The Artists Block: Charlotte Davie

The Artist’s Block: Charlotte Davie

Charlotte Davie April 14, 2022

Name of Piece: “Jade” Artist: Charlotte Davie “It was created through some experimentation with realism and trying to discover different styles and originally was supposed to be a more realistic-looking...

Joe Rogan apologized for his controversial actions
on his podcast, leading to backlash on many social platforms.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is under fire for repeated use of racial slurs

Stella Feinstein and Francesco Thorik-Saboia April 14, 2022

For many Americans last year, opening their phones meant being greeted by the name Joe Rogan and the controversies following the comedian’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Most recently,...

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