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New English teacher comes to CHS, replaces Diver

CHS welcomes new English teacher Anne Kelterborn.
October 9, 2020

Anne Kelterborn has held many titles throughout her life: farm girl, college student, prep cook, community volunteer. ‘English teacher,’ however, wasn’t one she was seeking out — at least, not...

Woolley: from newsroom to classroom

Woolley poses in front of a defaced mural of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad while covering the Iraq War in 2005.
November 21, 2018

“I have always wanted to teach from the very first time I was in a newsroom,” said journalism teacher Wayne Woolley. CHS recently hired Woolley in September of the 2018-19 school year. Before...

Teachers work second jobs to make ends meet

CHS is one school within the MCVSD that offers night school.
June 15, 2018

After radio teacher Bill Bengle takes off his headphones and closes the radio studio at the end of the school year, he starts a summer full of painting and repairs for MCVSD. Bengle is one of many teachers...

Physics teacher gives the equation for good career

Physics teacher gives the equation for good career
February 24, 2017

Steve Godkin explains how he started teaching physics and what his job is truly like.

Mulshine’s passion is journalism

Journalism teacher Andi Mulshine began teaching at CHS after her own career in journalism.
December 22, 2016

The job description of a journalist is simple: find the facts and report the truth. But the varied experiences, both positive and negative – some downright frightening – make the job a constant thrill,...

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