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CHS students predict the outcomes of the upcoming season for High School Sports.

Winter Shore Conference 2024: Out on Top

Angelina Freel-Dipalma and Shawn Retta January 29, 2024

For some, winter means post-holiday blues and hot cocoa; for others, it means the beginning of a promising athletic season in the Shore Conference. “The season started on Nov. 27 for us,” sophomore...

Curling consits of teams facing off to score points by trying to get their stones as close to the “tee.” “Curling Stones” by ex_magician is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Peculiar Pastimes: Curling

John Pallone January 29, 2024

Amidst a workshop, competition curling stones are hand-crafted using granite from an uninhabited Scottish island. These stones, upon examination, will be used by the World Curling Federation, the governing...

NFL star, Joshua Dobbs, inspires many of his story as an under dog.

Touchdowns to Tangents

Aarav Dubal and Brody Salowe January 29, 2024

There are 96 quarterbacks in the National Football League (NFL), each with a unique story as to how they made the league. However, one of these quarterbacks had to face adversities at every turn to compete...

Visual mass media students take a trip to photograph the Monmouth University football team.

Visual Mass Media captures Monmouth Hawks in action

Jordan Juliano November 23, 2023

Communications High Schools’ Visual Mass Media class took to the sidelines of the Monmouth University Hawks’ football team to take photos of practicing players from Tuesday, Oct. 31 to Thursday, Nov....

The benefits of tanking the NFL or NBA season for the players are discussed.

#1 or bust: The art of tanking in the NFL or NBA

Shawn Retta and Aarav Dubal November 23, 2023

Between the NFL and NBA, there are a total of 62 organizations spread out across the U.S. and Canada. The ultimate goal for each of these teams is to win a championship that respective season. To accomplish...

CHS students explore the unique sport of badminton.

Peculiar Pastimes: Badminton

Maeve Donovan and Zach Lemberger November 23, 2023

The average flight speed of a bird is 30 to 40 miles per hour. For badminton “birdies,” this estimation increases to 200 miles per hour. Badminton has been around for longer than most people can imagine,...

Khromchenko found a tennis career with the Manalapan girls varsity team and the Mountainside Racquet Club in North Jersey. Now, she’s looking toward Lehigh.

Khromchenko soars high for Lehigh tennis commitment

Angelina Freel-Dipalma November 22, 2023

For CHS students, any athletic achievement is more than remarkable. Still, some students, like senior Ronit Khromchenko of Manalapan, find ways to take their accomplishments to a whole new level. With...

CHS students discuss the possibilities of continuing sports in college.

Turning in cleats for dress shoes

Ronit Khromchenko and Logan Clarke November 22, 2023

Communications High School isn’t known for its athletics. Rather, it is a school full of people with varying interests, though very few of them involve sports. With hefty coursework and extracurricular...

The National Football League’s preseason provides excitement for fans looking forward to football season
and assists coaches in assessing their players. ”American football in Tel-Aviv, Israel” by RonAlmog is
licensed under CC BY 2.0.

NFL preseason throws the ball into the new year Fans

Emma Makin September 21, 2023

By EMMA MAKIN As summer transitions into fall and high school students prepare for a variety of sports teams, football fans across the U. S. eagerly anticipate the start of the National Football League’s...

The popularity of womens soccer is growing after the the 2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup.

Fans turn women’s soccer into worldwide celebration

Emma Makin September 21, 2023

The Women’s FIFA World Cup is an event that transcends the boundaries of sports and resonates with fans worldwide. In 2023, the world eagerly awaited another installment of this extraordinary tournament....

While polo is mainly played on horseback, alternate methods using bicyclyes, elephants, and camels have also proven popular ways to play. ”Coutts Polo Chester” by Paolo Camera is
licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Peculiar Pastimes: Polo

Luke Bigley September 21, 2023

You might know this sport from the popular men’s clothing brand Ralph Lauren and their famous shirts, but polo has been around for many years and is played in 50 countries worldwide. Known as “The...

The NFL and NBA season comes to an end after a wild season.

Seasons of surprises: NBA and NHL seasons close

Christian Spears and Shawn Retta June 16, 2023

Many buzzer-beating, overtime-winning, gut-wrenching buckets and goals made games from the NBA and NHL seasons worth watching all over again. From ballers like Jimmy Butler and Nikola Jokić to skaters...

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