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College search and decision process affected by virus

The Class of 2020 stands together on the first day of school in 2019 to take a class photo.

Ella Lukowiak

May 8, 2020

With the onslaught of the novel coronavirus throughout society, highschoolers have found that SAT and college tour cancellations have turned what should be a common high school experience into a future of unknown. Anyone who had been hoping to take the SAT this spring had to deal with the reschedul...

College stigmas influence student choices

CHS alumna Jackie Geller of Manalapan currently attends Boston College, a prestigious school many CHS students apply to each year.

Emily Toro

March 15, 2019

On the night of Apr. 30, high school seniors across the nation scramble to pick their home for the next four years. May 1 is National Decision Day, and for many students, the culmination of years of small decisions. Guidance counselor Sandra Gidos said that many students often opt for name recognition ov...

Seniors lean towards colleges with strong athletics

Clemson University won the 2019 National Championship.

Michael Rau

January 25, 2019

Deciding on a college is no easy task. But for some students, the tailgating, football games and athletic environment of a college can sway their decision. Junior Caelin Burgi of Matawan, who is currently looking for colleges, said that she wants to go to a college with a football team. “I think ...

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