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The lack of leadership positions being passed down during COVID leads to less interest in clubs at CHS.

Every meeting continues to count: CHS club participation on the decline

Phineaus Whedon May 20, 2022

Every rise has its fall, and this feeling resonates now more than ever with CHS clubs, almost all of which are seeing dwindling rates of attendance. After the Club Fair in September sparked interest...

With the mask mandate being lifted, some are wondering if this decision came too soon.

How opportune was the lifting of the mask mandate?

Dara Fisher and Ronit Khromchenko April 14, 2022

The school mask mandate was lifted by Governor Phil Murphy, sparking speculation over whether it was the appropriate time to lift the mask mandate. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks...

Many CHS students are unaware of the return of open labs, missing out on valuable time to use lab equipment such as the Adobe Suite.

Communications falling short with open labs

Justin Longo April 14, 2022

With the recent rollback of select COVID-19 restrictions at Communications High School came the return of open labs. However, students unaware of their return are hardly alone. Open labs, or classrooms...

CHS students worry that with virtual learning, snow days are in danger.

Virtual learning calls for rain check on beloved snow days

Mackenzie Prince and Jordan Juliano April 14, 2022

CHS students and teachers feel that the traditional snow day, forever filled with relaxation, may be in danger. Since virtual learning took over due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many school districts have...

CHS students are no longer required to wear masks in school.

Masks optional in CHS, differing opinions guaranteed

Henry Frieman April 14, 2022

Students at Communications High School were finally able to see the entirety of each other’s faces on Monday, March 7, as the mask mandate officially became optional for schools in the Monmouth County...

The class of 2024 is especially disconnected from the upperclassmen of CHS due to their hybrid freshman year.

The separation of CHS’ upper and underclassmen

Francesco Thorik-Saboia January 28, 2022

Freshmen in high school can have trouble fitting in, especially at a school like CHS where they probably aren’t going to know most people in their own classes, let alone students in other grades. Factors...

We’ve become too tired for us to “keep calm and carry on”

We’ve become too tired for us to “keep calm and carry on”

Lillian Chen and Carla Vreeland January 28, 2022

By high school, most have begun to break down the walls of perfection that our parents have spent our childhoods building, hiding us from the ugliness of the world. Though we may now recognize this ugliness,...

With the COVID-19 booster shots coming out, many wonder if they should get it.

The COVID-19 booster shot: effectiveness and eligibility

Ori Rosmarin November 24, 2021

In the age of COVID-19 regulations and safety precautions, most people know the importance of being as safe as possible. However, even if fully vaccinated, the chance of COVID-19 infection still lurks....

Students still feel the affects of virtual learning today.

Technology intrusion blurs lines between school, home

Alisa Kharod November 24, 2021

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been on their computers and phones much more frequently and for longer periods of time. According to the New York Times, “scientists say that children’s...

Teacher receives COVID-19 Vaccine after NJ Mandate.

The vaccine mandate battle: should the science be taken seriously?

Mackenzie Prince and Ronit Khromchenko November 24, 2021

Since its introduction in early 2021, the COVID-19 vaccine has been a controversial issue in America. It has led to utter disregard of science from many people, demonstrating the true neglect that some...

Although controversial, masks are proving to be a crucial part in keeping the number of COVID-19 cases in school down.

School mask mandates prove effective in curbing COVID-19 outbreaks

Marina Berger and Grace Wartmann November 24, 2021

Just as putting on socks each day is something done without thought, grabbing a mask before leaving the house has become an intrinsic part of many people’s daily routine. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic,...

Hospitalization for COVID-19 has patients paying upwards of $34,000.

COVID-19 hospitalization costs higher than ever

Antonio Bonoan November 24, 2021

With the reality of a global health crisis threatening thousands of lives a day, it’s no surprise that many hospitals have adapted their policies and procedures in order to keep up with the surging outbreaks. According...

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