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Fall activities face changes

Fall actives such as sports and other extracurriculars adapt to new safety guidelines.

Lillian Chen

October 9, 2020

While some Monmouth County schools are opting to move to strictly online instruction, others are sticking to hybrid models, and the varying reopening plans for the new year have students wondering what the plan for home school fall extracurriculars is. “Our first official practices start Septem...

Students participate in autumn activities

Among students' favorite fall activities are baking and celebrating Halloween.

Alexis Colucci

January 16, 2016

As the leaves begin to change color and warm clothes are brought out from the back of closets, students begin to participate in fall activities again. Freshman Anna Nardelli of Wall said her favorite part of fall is wearing sweaters. “They’re so warm and cozy, and I have over twenty sweaters...

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