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With the mask mandate being lifted, some are wondering if this decision came too soon.

How opportune was the lifting of the mask mandate?

Dara Fisher and Ronit Khromchenko April 14, 2022

The school mask mandate was lifted by Governor Phil Murphy, sparking speculation over whether it was the appropriate time to lift the mask mandate. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks...

CHS students are no longer required to wear masks in school.

Masks optional in CHS, differing opinions guaranteed

Henry Frieman April 14, 2022

Students at Communications High School were finally able to see the entirety of each other’s faces on Monday, March 7, as the mask mandate officially became optional for schools in the Monmouth County...

Although controversial, masks are proving to be a crucial part in keeping the number of COVID-19 cases in school down.

School mask mandates prove effective in curbing COVID-19 outbreaks

Marina Berger and Grace Wartmann November 24, 2021

Just as putting on socks each day is something done without thought, grabbing a mask before leaving the house has become an intrinsic part of many people’s daily routine. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic,...

A survey of 39 students from May 18 to May 25.

Safety restrictions in the fall

Ryan Hart June 17, 2021

When in-person instruction was reintroduced in Oct., it was to no surprise that all students, faculty and staff would be required to wear a mask in order to enter and stay in the building. Up until...

Due to COVID-19 concerns and precautions, students and staff are required to wear masks. Many have adapted to this new-normal as others are still getting used to this new safety protocol.

CHS continues to mask up safely

Julia Homza March 12, 2021

Masks mean different things to different people. For some, they have become a layer of protection, an inconvenience, an accessory, or a comfort. CHS students and staff are not exempt from this new normal. “I...

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