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Mentorship program favors the fortunate, ignores others

Participating in Mentorship, which is a required course, requires a form of transportation.

Madison Vigdor

January 17, 2020

In theory, the Communications High School mentorship program is a privilege. Seniors have the rare opportunity to sample potential career paths and step into the shoes of those whom they aspire to become. Students can discover the ins and outs of professionalism without the fear of failure or rejectio...

Seniors work through the challenges of mentorship

Moroses cares for a seal during her last day of mentorship at Jenkinson's Aquarium, Jan. 25.

Khushi Kadakia

May 10, 2019

While other high school seniors are sitting in class or eating lunch at 11:15 a.m., senior Grace McCaffrey of Middletown, like a number of other CHS seniors, is traveling to her mentorship site, Six Overground in Asbury Park. On the drive, McCaffrey prepares to spend three hours coding and developing an ...

Mentorship gives students a taste of the workplace

Seniors at CHS sign out before they leave for their mentorship.

Evan Kuo

March 11, 2017

Mentorship has been a part of a senior’s experience at CHS ever since the school’s first senior class graduated in 2004, Principal James Gleason said. Radio and mentorship teacher Bill Bengle took over the program from English teacher Maria Sant in 2010 when he came into the school. Various ch...

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