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Curling consits of teams facing off to score points by trying to get their stones as close to the “tee.” “Curling Stones” by ex_magician is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Peculiar Pastimes: Curling

John Pallone January 29, 2024

Amidst a workshop, competition curling stones are hand-crafted using granite from an uninhabited Scottish island. These stones, upon examination, will be used by the World Curling Federation, the governing...

CHS students explore the unique sport of badminton.

Peculiar Pastimes: Badminton

Maeve Donovan and Zach Lemberger November 23, 2023

The average flight speed of a bird is 30 to 40 miles per hour. For badminton “birdies,” this estimation increases to 200 miles per hour. Badminton has been around for longer than most people can imagine,...

Pickle ball is taking the world by storm as its popularity increases.

Pickleball takes over the spotlight and tennis courts

Thomas Tilton November 22, 2023

Double faults and poor line calls no longer seem to be the only troubles within the tennis community; a new obstacle has surfaced, and its name is pickleball. The booming sport has taken the world by...

While polo is mainly played on horseback, alternate methods using bicyclyes, elephants, and camels have also proven popular ways to play. ”Coutts Polo Chester” by Paolo Camera is
licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Peculiar Pastimes: Polo

Luke Bigley September 21, 2023

You might know this sport from the popular men’s clothing brand Ralph Lauren and their famous shirts, but polo has been around for many years and is played in 50 countries worldwide. Known as “The...

The popularity of the peculiar sport, water polo, floods the summer plans of many.

Peculiar Pastimes: Water Polo

Angelina Freel-Dipalma June 16, 2023

With summer right around the corner, the wave of water sports has flooded American communities. However, year after year, one activity in particular is often overlooked: water polo. The English sport,...

CHS students engage in the peculiar pastime of Gaga.

Peculiar Pastimes: Gaga

Thomas Tilton and Yaritza Reyes Contrera May 25, 2023

Gaga isn’t just a household name known for going overboard on dresses, but is also emerging as a fun, up-and- coming athletic pastime. Gaga ball—gaga for short—is an exciting and competitive activity...

Despite not being commonly played in the United States, Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world with its intricate rules and audience of 2.6 billion people globally.

Peculiar Pastimes: Cricket

Joey Raynor and Brody Salowe March 31, 2023

Many Americans have heard of the sport cricket, but few understand its true popularity, perplexing rules and amazing history. According to sports writer extraordinaire Charlie Proctor, “cricket is...

A new sport is gaining attention known as handball but it has actually been around for a while and the sport has evolved over time.

Peculiar Pastimes: Team Handball

Brody Salowe and Joey Raynor January 20, 2023

Unlike the World Cup, which captured the world’s attention, one peculiar sport is gaining attention in a more stealthy manner — handball, or team handball. Team handball has gone through many evolutions,...

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