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Students shed insight into owning nontraditional pets

Franzen plays with his ferret Carly in his home.

Michael Rau

May 10, 2019

Junior RJ Franzen of Allentown wanted a pet ever since he was a little kid, but couldn’t get a traditional pet because of his fur allergy. His parents surprised him one night with two pets: a hedgehog named Hedgie and a ferret named Carly, who were both a few weeks old. “Usually, Hedgie just sit...

Taking care of unconventional pets

Some students have pet lizards.

Kaitlyn Hammond

November 9, 2016

Sophomore Jessica Seldner of Eatontown owns a pet that would be considered unconventional compared to traditional pets – a bearded dragon. It’s actually a type of Australian lizard with the name of bearded dragon. Her brother named the reptile “Gizmo” when they purchased him at Petco five ye...

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