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Survey of 93 CHS students from Oct. 16 to Oct. 23.

President Biden’s pets are all bite and no bark

Toby Gui and Nicholas Thamburaj November 22, 2023

From man’s best friend to man’s worst enemy, the validity of the White House dogs are being questioned. Recent skirmishes between U.S. President Joe Biden’s dogs and fellow Secret Service members...

The concern of what age is too old for a president continues as Joe Biden is president at 80 years old.

Debate over maximum age for the U.S. presidency

Cayla Carlson June 16, 2023

When it comes to the U.S. presidency, how old is too old? At 80 years old, current president Joe Biden has become the oldest president to serve in office. Many think that his age affects his decision-making...

President Biden is introducing new plans to help families and the nations infrastructure.

Biden’s Family Plan and American Jobs Plan

Jacqueline Litowinsky June 17, 2021

In early 2021, President Biden set his sights on helping the everyday American by introducing the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan. Both proposals seek to extend the efforts outlined in...

Donald Trump and Mike Pence speak before an immigration policy speech in Phoenix, AZ.

Leftists should oppose Trump impeachment

Vaughn Battista March 15, 2019

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s Russian connections gaining traction, many Democrats believe that his impeachment is imminent. But while the Russian collusion debate...

With his family by his side, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States.

Obama’s legacy is filled with failures and lies

Will Dean March 13, 2017

The day is Jan. 20, 2009. Barack Obama has just been sworn in as president, making history as the first African American to do so. Americans and people across the world are filled with hope and excitement...

President Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the Mexican border.

Trump’s wall will never be built

Sally Ehlers February 28, 2017

Ever since Donald Trump was elected as our president, citizens have been wondering about his plan to build a wall on the border separating the United States and Mexico. While some contemplate whether or...

EICs Izzy Cavazzoni and Courtney Kushnir look back on their time with The Inkblot.

Protests can help or hurt the cause

December 23, 2016

We’ve all seen it: “Keep your tiny hands off our rights.” “Free Melania.” “This baby would make a better President.” These phrases have adorned signs and Twitter feeds nationwide following...

Protesters gathered outside of Trump buildings around the country to protest his presidency following his win of the electoral college.

Trump will be our next President – so where does the country go from here?

Will Dean December 22, 2016

The American People voted Donald Trump into the highest office in the land, the presidency, on Nov. 8. Within hours, protests began in many major cities, including New York City, Portland and Washington...

Many Americans want Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020.

Why Michelle Obama is an ideal president

Sally Ehlers November 18, 2016

Fifty-eight percent of registered voters are dissatisfied with choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election, according to a recent Washington Post/ABC News Poll. ...

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the election, but not the electoral college.

Why I’m Not With Her

Will Dean November 9, 2016

I would like to preface this article with the following statement: I am not pro-Trump. Even so, this does not take away from the fact that Hillary Clinton is also a terrible candidate: She’s a...

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