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Survey of 103 students from Oct. 14 to Oct. 18, 2019.

Life360 technology inspires a 180 in parent-child trust

Beatrice Karron and Mackenzie Carey November 15, 2019

Instead of calling out “be home before dinner,” the modern parent has not only the technology needed to text their child a curfew reminder, but also know where they are if they miss it. Life360...

Survey of 86 students from Oct. 14 to Oct. 28, 2019.

Students regularly throw safety under the bus

Sally Ehlers and Jacqueline Litowinsky November 15, 2019

When sophomore Hannah Schwartzberg of Ocean sits on the bus each day, the simple click of her seat belt rings throughout her otherwise quiet bus.  “No one else wears a seat belt on my bus,” Schwartberg...

Approximately 2 million injuries annually come from high school sports.

Injuries prompt stricter safety standards in athletics

Allie Beekman September 14, 2018

One year ago, after breaking her ankle in two places during a softball game, senior Marisa Harczuk of Tinton Falls had just been cleared to start playing field hockey after three months without physical...

Sports such as football, wrestling and boxing especially put players at risk for injury.

Rewards of sports outweigh possible dangers, athletes say

Luke Sassa March 5, 2018

Like many things in life, for athletes who play dangerous sports, it all comes down to risk versus reward. For some athletes, the pros that sports provided were simply worth any risk they may carry. Sophomore...

Senior Anthony Quattrocchi of Matawan wears shin guards when he plays soccer.

Athletes wear protective gear to avoid injury

Erica Sammarco November 8, 2016

In a survey of 89 CHS athletes on Oct. 19, 45 percent wear either glasses, contacts, braces or retainers in their games. Some athletes, like year-round runner and sophomore Colleen Megerle of Colts Neck,...

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