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New social media trends are positively impacting people and are helping people find their true passions.

Microtrends: aesthetics’ positive impact

Mackenzie Prince September 15, 2022

Social media has become a consistent platform to boost trends revolving around fashion, music and other forms of entertainment. However, most trends die out as quickly as they begin, creating “microtrends.” In...

With the ease and accessibility of social media, more users are turning
to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram for current events rather
than established news outlets.

Social media replaces newspapers in current events

Madison Demaree and Ava Rubinstein May 20, 2022

For teenagers and adults alike, using networks like Instagram and Twitter as news sources has become second nature. Considering how accessible and mindless it is to post and consume content on these platforms,...

The recent release of Sing 2 has been controversial with memes of Meena the Elephant circulating on social media.

Social media hate comments bolster new movie popularity

Nolan O'Keefe and Siofra King April 14, 2022

Meena the Elephant: the latest victim of TikTok’s cancel culture. With the recent release of “Sing 2,” there has been controversy surrounding one particular character: Meena the Elephant. With...

Survey of 44 CHS students from Dec. 20, 2021 to Dec. 23,2021.

Social media contributes to cyberbullying and school violence threats

Ryan Lemberger January 28, 2022

A stream of cyberbullying and school shooting threats on social media have recently caught the attention of school administrators across America. After a shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan,...

Many artists prefer to share their work on apps such as Tumbler or DeviantArt, rather than Instagram.

Artists Usage of Different Social Media Platforms

Sabrina Liding June 17, 2021

Famous Instagram artists, such as Tamaytka, Mew Tripled, and cosmicspectrum, have, recently, been posting on different platforms to showcase their work rather than trying to fight with Instagram’s algorithm.  Starting...

Eilish is not letting toxic body stereotypes in society hold her back from being comfortable with herself.

The sexualization of Billie Eilish

Cayla Carlson June 17, 2021

Last month, 19-year-old music superstar Billie Eilish blew the internet away when she posted a photo of herself wearing an outfit far from her usual baggy clothing. She donned a fitted corset with over...

Donald Trump, pictured on the left, has been permentaly banned from Twitter and many other social media platforms. As some criticize these tech companies, many applaud the ban of the former president.

Donald Trump deserves his social media suspension

Zaina Saif March 12, 2021

On Friday, Jan. 9, Twitter announced that it had permanently banned then President Donald Trump from service due to the risk of further incitement of violence. Trump’s eviction from Twitter quickly set...

YouTuber Jenna Marbles speaks at VidCon 2012 in Anaheim, Calif. Fans
say she was unfairly “canceled” for an incident she was not at fault for.

Cancel culture’s fine line between ruination and accountability

Keira MacDermott March 12, 2021

In social media today, the infamous “cancel culture” is known to destroy the lives of countless well-known celebrities. Whether this is for vulgar and unspeakable actions or a misstep in speech, the...

Social media activism could have unintended consequences

Social media activism could have unintended consequences

Madison Beekman and Liam Umbs October 9, 2020

On Tuesday, June 2, more than 28 million took to Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms to share a black square as part of the #BlackOutTuesday movement as a means of showing solidarity against...

A survery of 63 students from Jan. 2 to Jan. 8

Like it or not, Instagram removes its like count

Hannah Arbeitel January 17, 2020

Instagram, a platform associated with its ability to generate high stress, recently decided to change its negative image. In April, the company announced that they will be implementing new changes, making...

Tumblr changed its policy regarding NSFW content in December 2018.

Tumblr upsets users with new censorship policy

Madeline Holobinko March 15, 2019

Ever since Tumblr first launched in 2007, it has been a home for storytelling and self-expression. But this all changed in December of 2018, when the social media platform decided to rid itself of “adult”...

While on her family vacation to Walt Disney World this summer, Allie Beekman posted this photo, taken by her friend, on her Instagram.

Social media shapes travel experiences

Khushi Kadakia September 14, 2018

While scrolling through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook this summer, you’ll likely encounter travel pictures populating your feed. These images of plane tickets and crystal clear waves fill social...

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