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CHS students discuss the effects of social media on their mental health.

Mental health issues arise as social media usage increases

Kyla Kidorf November 22, 2023

Since the first form of social media emerged in 1997, it has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of our daily lives shaping the way we connect, communicate and perceive the world around us. However,...

CHS students observe the longevity of trending apps.

The time to BeReal has officially passed

Ryleigh Luethold and Avery Garr November 22, 2023

Throughout recent years, young people have flipped between the newest trending apps. Although some users believe they are fun for a while, they can quickly become irrelevant and lose traction just as fast...

Students promote their clubs on social media in hopes of better attendance.

Social media affects CHS club participation

Sofia Santillo November 22, 2023

While scrolling on social media, CHS students will likely see a post from a school- wide organization. It might have been a reminder from the Cultural Communications Club (CCC) or The Inkblot about events...

A survey of 57 students from May 26 to June 1.

Travel industry evolves with rise in social media

Alex Batzar June 16, 2023

With an influx in social media usage over the last couple of years, the travel industry has seen a burst in tourist-driven travel. From friends posting on Instagram to influencers publicizing brand trips,...

Survey of 54 CHS students from Dec. 6 to Dec. 16.

Numb to the news: social media as a news outlet masks real issues

Ronit Khromchenko and Logan Clarke January 20, 2023

News – and the social response to it – go hand and hand, which is why using social media as a primary news source has gained popularity. However, the reality of the relationship is that stories often...

Survey of 54 CHS students from Dec. 6 to Dec. 16.

Protesting takes a new form through the internet: hashtags replace billboards

Isabela Delgado January 20, 2023

With constantly developing social media and the ability to post information seconds after it occurs, people are more inclined to learn about various protests that occur throughout the world through the...

More small businesses are now using various social media outlets in order to bring in customers.

Small businesses take a new spotlight online

Ava Rubinstein and Madison Demaree January 20, 2023

In the age of modern media platforms, small businesses are thriving more now than ever. Social media apps, such as Instagram and TikTok, have provided new opportunities for owners to promote their products...

A new social media, BeReal has gained lots of popularity and has stormed the social media industry.

New social media app taking the industry by storm: BeReal

Siofra King November 24, 2022

BeReal has taken the social media industry by storm, gaining 56 million downloads this year alone.  Once a day, the app prompts users with a notification telling them they have “2 min left to capture...

Survey of 54 CHS Students from Oct. 13 to Oct. 21.

CHS procrastinates: students lose sleep

Ronit Khromchenko and Logan Clarke November 23, 2022

Procrastination among students has become a prevalent issue, heightened by the rise of distractions from online social platforms. From TikTok to YouTube, social media platforms have been shown to provide...

New social media trends are positively impacting people and are helping people find their true passions.

Microtrends: aesthetics’ positive impact

Mackenzie Prince September 15, 2022

Social media has become a consistent platform to boost trends revolving around fashion, music and other forms of entertainment. However, most trends die out as quickly as they begin, creating “microtrends.” In...

With the ease and accessibility of social media, more users are turning
to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram for current events rather
than established news outlets.

Social media replaces newspapers in current events

Madison Demaree and Ava Rubinstein May 20, 2022

For teenagers and adults alike, using networks like Instagram and Twitter as news sources has become second nature. Considering how accessible and mindless it is to post and consume content on these platforms,...

The recent release of Sing 2 has been controversial with memes of Meena the Elephant circulating on social media.

Social media hate comments bolster new movie popularity

Nolan O'Keefe and Siofra King April 14, 2022

Meena the Elephant: the latest victim of TikTok’s cancel culture. With the recent release of “Sing 2,” there has been controversy surrounding one particular character: Meena the Elephant. With...

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