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Joe Rogan apologized for his controversial actions
on his podcast, leading to backlash on many social platforms.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is under fire for repeated use of racial slurs

Stella Feinstein and Francesco Thorik-Saboia April 14, 2022

For many Americans last year, opening their phones meant being greeted by the name Joe Rogan and the controversies following the comedian’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Most recently,...

Many are disappointed with Spotifys annual release of the personalized playlists curated with user’s 100 most listened-to songs of the year.

That’s a wrap on 2021: Spotify disappoints its users with playlist drop

Alexandra Kinsey and Ruth Crawford January 28, 2022

On Dec. 1, Spotify released its annual personalized playlists curated with user’s 100 most listened-to songs of the year, and though the wrap-up was designed to be shared on social media many feel as...

Musicians on Spotify do not make much money per stream and must rely on other platforms in addition to Spotify for a sufficient profit.

Spotify’s monopoly on users

Julia Carroll November 24, 2021

With the recent surge in usage of electronics and digital media, debates have risen about whether Spotify is helpful or harmful for those just entering the music industry. It can be said that Spotify is...

Streaming services like Spotify are low-cost alternatives to iTunes.

Students find music through various platforms

Alexis Colucci January 16, 2016

Downloading new songs. Arranging playlists by favorite artists. Putting your headphones in and turning up the volume. Listening to music is all too familiar, especially for students with long bus rides. But,...

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