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Stop commercializing Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day has become a largely commercialized holiday in America.

Madison Vigdor and Julia Rocco

March 2, 2018

In the 1300s, Valentine’s Day became associated with love and romance. The holiday meant spending time with that special someone and showing them how much you care. A confession of love, a homemade card or even a handwritten poem showed enough appreciation toward your significant other. People gave ...

Yearly compatibility test matches up students

Obtained through Creative Commons. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Bella Reilly

February 4, 2018

Many CHS students recently participated in the annual school-wide compatibility test on Jan. 19. Students turned in their surveys on Friday in the cafeteria. About 185 students handed in questionnaires, an about average number according to Fitness teacher Virginia Clevenger, who has been facilita...

War of the Roses: Two Inkblotters hash out their thoughts on Feb. 14

Valentines Day, celebrated as the day of love, is approaching quickly, on February 14.

Sally Ehlers and Dylan Josephson

February 12, 2017

By SALLY EHLERS  Love. Every February the idea of love and romance flourishes in the air around us. Hearts full of chocolates fill stores, cute cards line the shelves and waves of red and pink crash upon our lives. Once Feb. 14 comes around, partners become anxious and worried because they don...

Class of 2017 hopes to spread the love

Compatibility tests were distributed during homeroom on Jan. 11.

Phoebe Drummond

January 16, 2017

Students looking for their CHS soul mate filled out a 32-question survey last week to find their perfect match. The compatibility test is a fundraiser for the senior class to raise money for prom. To make the questionnaire, the senior class council, composed of President Sarah Lang of Monmouth Beach...

Compatibility test says love is, in fact, a game

Jacqueline Geller

April 11, 2016

Love is in the air here — or at least on paper. The junior class brought back their annual Compatibility Game to spread some cheer before Valentine’s Day. Junior adviser and fitness teacher Ginny Clevenger has run the event with her classes since 2005, since the idea of hosting a school-wide...

Valentine’s Day Treats for our Readers

February 14, 2014

Happy Day of Love and Chocolates from the Inkblot Staff. We've got a "By the Numbers" take on this favorite of holidays; we visit a couple who conquers the challenge of attending different high schools; we help you choose your movie for Valentine's Day (get out the tissues for these classic tear-jerkers); ...

Valentine’s: a Day for Red, Lots of Counting

February 14, 2014


Our Picks for Valentine Movies

February 14, 2014


Trends: What We Want on Valentine’s

Inkblot Editor-in-Chief Gina Talamo, seated, discusses story edits with Features Editor Hannah Wallach.

February 14, 2014

By MEGAN MCVEETY and JESSICA NOE For a holiday all about displaying your affection for that special someone, love is secondary to materialism when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Not only is February 14th a time to love someone, but to show how loved you are with gifts and special occasions, both traditional...

Compatibility test marks 10 years at CHS

February 14, 2014

By MARK DISPIGNA Staff Writer Results of the optional “Computer Fun” compatibility test open to all grade levels arrived to physical education teacher Virginia Clevenger the week before Valentine’s Day. The Class of 2017 charged three dollars for each result sheet. The survey, filled out by 188 students at the beginning of February, has ...

Thompson’s Take: Forget about love, We just want stuff

A Valentine's Day display outside of the Riverview Medical Center gift shop.

February 14, 2014

By HEATHER THOMPSON Valentine’s Day is slowly becoming less about the emotional connection between two people and more about the gifts that they buy one another as businesses continuously push the commercial side of the holiday. That's not how it should be. It is almost guaranteed that in the weeks...

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