Seniors mark their territory as Relay winners on day two of Spirit Week


Blot photo by Jamie Nickerson

Senior Emily Madeira of Howell untangles an obstacle as a part of the Relay, securing a win for the seniors.

Olivia Conkling and Vivianna Varlack

Fall Spirit Week continued on Tuesday, Oct. 29 with the theme of Wild West versus Wilderness, which involved students dressing up in cowboy hats, camouflage, and animal print. The lunchtime event was the Spooky Sprint Relay which included competitive activities such as the Pumpkin Pass and Broomstick Run.

Multiple students, such as Junior Francesca Dimiceli of Middletown dressed in creative costumes relating to the theme. Dimiceli spoke about her costume and grade’s participation.

“I wore a giraffe onesie for wilderness,” Dimiceli said. “I think we’re doing pretty good. We have a lot of devotion. This is probably the best I’ve seen our grade doing in a really long time, which I’m really proud of everyone for you know really picking it up this year.”

Before the relay, students from each grade participated in the daily scavenger hunt. The juniors finished in first place, seniors in second, and freshmen and sophomores tied for third.

The relay was larger than previous years, requiring 10 participants and 10 substitutes. Those who participated had conflicting feelings about how the size affected the event. 

Senior Jamie Nickerson of Tinton Falls participated in the event and shared her thoughts.

“It was a bit chaotic…I think it would have been better if it was outside, but obviously they couldn’t do that because it was raining,” Nickerson said. 

The senior won the event with the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen following respectively. 

The seniors are currently in first place with 105 points, while the juniors are in second place with 95 points. The freshman class stands in third place with 80 points and the sophomore class places fourth with 70 points at the end of day two of Fall Spirit Week. 

Spirit Week will continue tomorrow with Meme Day and Dodgeball.