Seniors win fourth consecutive dodgeball game on day three of Spirit Week


Blot photo by Liam Umbs

Students cheer their respective grades on during the dodgeball game on Wednesday.

Madison Beekman

Students dressed up as their favorite memes on the third day of Fall Spirit Week, Wednesday, Oct. 30, with the annual dodgeball tournament at lunch. 

The SGA also required a reference to each meme, so that the teachers could count them towards their grades’ participation. Sophomore Drew Lepping of West Long Branch liked the theme, but had a hard time deciding what to be.

“My friend Michele Roman and I dressed up as the ‘road work ahead’ vine,” Lepping said. “As the day came closer I literally couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to be, it was weird.”

While Meme Day has become a classic Spirit Week theme, some students like senior Brian Schade of Tinton Falls, felt that some of the outfits were too mainstream.

“I liked the theme, but the number of VSCO girls was overwhelming,” Schade said.

The daily scavenger hunt took place prior to dodgeball and resulted in a win for the junior class. They were followed by the freshmen, sophomores, and seniors, respectively.

According to freshman Eddie Gunnell of Spring Lake Heights, dodgeball was much more serious than he expected.

“The game was much more fast paced and everyone, including the spectators, was into it,” Gunnell said.

The junior class aimed for a dodgeball victory and worked to strategize for the event. 

“We tried to aim low when throwing the ball. We also had the three boys go for the balls in the beginning instead of everyone on the team,” said junior Mahita Dasu of Marlboro.

Dodgeball ended with the seniors on top for their fourth consecutive year, the juniors in second, the sophomores in third and the freshmen in last. Senior Joe Matthews of Middletown was a last minute replacement for the winning team.

“I think I can speak for the rest of the Class of 2020 when I say that we’re really proud of our dodgeball skills,” Matthews said. “It felt really good to be able to step in to help our class keep the streak alive.”

The seniors and juniors are currently tied in first place with 150 points, while the freshmen are in second place with 120 points. The sophomore class stands in third place with 105 points at the end of day three of Fall Spirit Week.

Spirit Week will continue tomorrow with Halloween and the costume parade.