CHS is #1 in language arts statewide


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The Class of 2011 was ranked Number 1 this year in New Jersey for the most students achieving “advanced proficient” in the Language Arts section of the High School Proficiency Assessment.

CHS’s current seniors scored advanced proficient in all the categories in both tests of the HSPAs and SATs last year.

The Class of 2011 earned its top spot with 77.5 percent scoring advanced proficient in the Language Arts section. In the five-academy Monmouth Country Vocational School District, the next to rank was High Technology High School at Number 3.

In the Math section of the HSPA, CHS was ranked fifth in New Jersey with 91.5 percent of students scoring advanced proficient. Within the MCVSD, High Technology High School and Biotechnology High School surpassed CHS by placing second and third throughout the state, respectively.

Every year, all high school juniors must take HSPAs as a graduation requirement. Also during this

year, many students also take SATs.

Last year’s juniors scored ninth overall in the state with an average SAT score of 1874 out of the possible 2400 points.

In the math section, CHS scored an average of 626 points out of the possible 800, placing 11th throughout all the vocational schools in New Jersey.

Students scored an average of 618 points in writing and 630 points in verbal, securing the Number 8 spot in the state in both.

Within the MCVSD, CHS was outranked by High Technology High School, which scored the number one spot in all categories of the SATs and overall.

CHS’s advanced proficient rankings display a high level of achievement in the Core Curriculum Content Standards of the New Jersey Board of Education.

“I’m excited about the improvement of the Class of 2011,” Principal James Gleason said. “And I’d like to continue the growth from last year.”


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