NJ Education Commissioner visits CHS for Blue Ribbon unveiling


Blot photo by Catie Procyk

MCVSD Superintendent Timothy McCorkell and Commissioner Dr. Lamot Repollet unveil the display of CHS’s Blue Ribbon award.

Olivia Conkling and Vivianna Varlack

On Monday, Dec. 16, students at Communications High School enjoyed a visit from Commissioner Dr. Lamot Repollet and the New Jersey Department of Education team after earning the Blue Ribbon Award. 

Repollet and board members arrived at around 9 a.m. to tour the school and see all of the unique aspects of CHS, including the radio and TV studios, the art lab and the DV class. The group then proceeded to the cafeteria for an assembly featuring Coffeehouse acts and a special unveiling of the Blue Ribbon award on the wall.

Many students, such as junior Jake Polvino of Tinton Falls, shared their opinions on how the performances added to the experience.

“I thought it was cool seeing all of the acts and all of the singers gave me shivers,” Polvino said. “It was just a lot of fun getting another Blue Ribbon.”. 

Sophomore Gina Dige of Howell, who sings in the school chorus, discussed what it was like performing again almost two weeks after Coffeehouse.

“At first I was a little nervous cause like I hadn’t practiced since Coffeehouse so I was a little scared…but it turned out okay,” Dige said. “We rehearsed and it was good.” 

Principal James Gleason spoke of his excitement about Commissioner Repollet’s visit and explained how the event was organized. 

“I am always super proud of Communications High School and all the students and the staff, but I think that this just allows us to celebrate as a large school and it allows us to show off a little bit. I don’t know that on a given day a lot of people understand what happens here,” Gleason said. “It was really the Department of Education that reached out to us about visiting CHS and then from there I think it really fell into place because we just had so many amazing events over the last month.”