Students elect new 2020-2021 SGA council digitally



Junior Brigid McCarthy of Manasquan giving her election speech at the SGA council elections in 2019. This year, the elections were held digitally.

Emma Barofsky

On Friday, May 15, CHS held virtual elections for the Student Government Association (SGA) council for the 2020-2021 school year. Students elected junior Isabella Carmona-Ramirez of Long Branch as president and junior Brigid McCarthy of Manasquan as vice president. The council members will be sophomores Maggie Schneider of Wall, Isabella Ji of Holmdel, and Samantha Skolnick of Hazlet.

Since the candidates were unable to promote their campaigns in person or give speeches while at school, the election process was much different this year. Students came up with new ways to publicize themselves by making campaign videos and Instagram accounts. 

During third period on election day, students listened to the candidates’ speeches and voted for the council via Google Forms. Carmona-Ramirez, who served as the president of the junior class this year, is excited to use her position as a way to bring students together during and after this unprecedented time.

“Everyone is aware that school’s cancellation has made it extremely difficult to stay motivated and keep a positive attitude,” Carmona-Ramirez said. “But I’m hoping we’ll have the opportunity to bounce back this upcoming year.”

Former SGA president senior Liam Jamolod of Howell explained that he is proud of the new council. Despite the fact that the election process was different, he is still pleased with the way that it went.

“Even though my time has been cut short, I couldn’t be happier that this group of people will be in charge next year,” he said.

Several candidates, such as Schneider, felt that the virtual elections benefitted their campaign.

“COVID-19 has definitely impacted the election process because instead of actually meeting with people and discussing our ideas, we had to do it all online,” Schneider said. “This actually made it easier for me because people would know about everything I was doing before I actually gave my speech.”

According to Jamolod, the atypical SGA election format will not take away from the great success that the council will have.

“I still feel confident with the new council because I have seen what they have done and what they have planned…” he said. “They are all stellar people going to do stellar things.”