As summer wanes, CHS prepares for students in the fall


As the summer winds to a close and school is just around the corner, new guidelines are being put into place to welcome students back.

Emma Barofsky

On Friday, July 24, MCVSD’s reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year were emailed to the students and faculty at CHS. 

The document states that “the District chose a hybrid model that allows students to attend in-person and virtually.” In other words, the entire student population at CHS will be divided into two groups: Group A and Group B. Depending on what group a student is assigned, they will attend school on either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. Every student will engage in virtual learning three days per week.

In addition to the hybrid plan, which will decrease class size in order for students to maintain social distancing, new cleaning protocols are recognized in the document as well. The district has purchased “masks/face shields” as well as “protective barriers for designated areas.” 

Although the district’s email offers lots of insight, several questions still remain. Ellen Conner, mother of rising senior Zoe Conner-Bennett of Ocean, is curious about several aspects of the plan.

“What are they going to do about lunch?” Conner said. “Are they going to have the classroom seats six feet apart?”

Due to the total uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, the document notes that the hybrid plan is subject to change. Rising senior Mahita Dasu of Marlboro believes that the plan will definitely need to be reconstructed.

“It looks like cases are going up again in New Jersey so I think we’ll end up doing fully virtual first semester and maybe the hybrid plan in the second [semester],” she said.

At the same, Dasu is remaining optimistic. She stated that there is a possibility of full-time, in-person learning second semester.

“I think [going back to school] is possible if our state becomes safer and everyone at school intricately follows the guidelines that are set,” she said.

As of now, nothing is certain. But no matter what, disinfecting protocols will be put in place, teachers will be informed on the signs/symptoms of the coronavirus and non-essential visitors will be limited from entering the building. Rising senior Francesca McCaffrey of West Long Branch is confident that the MCVSD community will get through this tough time together.

“I think we’ll all be able to make the best of the situation,” she said. “CHS has always been great at doing that.”