Seniors can now take the SAT at CHS


CHS will now be able to administer the SAT to Seniors to help with college admissions.

Nicola DeGregorio

On Oct. 14, CHS will administer the SAT to seniors.  According to the College Board, tests from the months of March through July were canceled due to the coronavirus, making it difficult for the Class of 2021 to take the exam.

This year, the PSAT, generally taken by freshmen, sophomores and juniors will not be administered at CHS.

According to guidance counselor Melanie Sambataro, the spring of junior year is when most students start their testing process, and although many colleges have gone test optional for this year’s admissions, taking the test is still important.

While most colleges have gone test-optional for this upcoming admissions year, colleges will still review SAT scores for admission if they are submitted and scores may still be used to award merit scholarships,” Sambataro said.  “It was important to us that the seniors had at least this one opportunity to test.”

The event will be socially distanced as Sambataro said that about 50 students have registered to take the test.

Senior Ava Turner of Middletown explained that the test being offered at CHS has made the college application process easier for her.

“This has relieved some of my stress because my home school kept cancelling theirs [SAT testing dates] and the colleges I want to go to require decent scores, and even though they are now test optional, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the chance to show schools what I’m capable of,” she said.

She also said that she was grateful to attend a school that really cares about their student.

“When I first heard CHS was giving the SAT, I felt very lucky that our school cares enough to give students the best opportunities to get them to the schools they want to go to,” Turner said.