Preschools and daycares put young children at risk during pandemic


As a result of the pandemic, many preschools and daycares follow very strict safety guidelines.

Eli Tapia

The most fun one can have as a kid is getting messy. However, something so quintessential to children like germs and dirt are not ideal during a pandemic. Although the spread of a virus can happen anywhere, it is 10 times more likely indoors, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Therefore, how smart is it to reopen preschools and daycares for younger children where the spread of germs is almost inevitable?

At a younger age, many kids have the need for a safe and nurturing environment, learning not only how to read and write but also developing key social skills that will define the rest of their lives. According to IRIS Center at Vanderbilt University, a well rounded physical, social and temporal environment during the earlier stages of a child’s learning can help them succeed in the future. These include the materials and equipment used in a classroom as well as the interactions between the students, their peers and teachers. 

However, the threat of a deadly virus with cases only rising, social interactions have had to be kept to a minimum and although the state of New Jersey has significantly less cases than many other states, according to the CDC, there is still concern. 

Now by adding the nature of younger kids being messy, while also trying to teach them important life lessons and trying to engage them in learning using materials and activities, the chances of the spread of a virus are much higher. 

As of June 15, daycares in New Jersey reopened and are operating under strict guidelines.Although this can be a great help for many families, the only way to keep everyone safe is to keep contact to a minimum.