Businesses of all sizes look to social media for marketing

A survey of 70 CHS students from Oct. 26 to Nov.2.


A survey of 70 CHS students from Oct. 26 to Nov.2.

Keira MacDermott

Aspiring artists and fashion entrepreneurs have begun using social media as their main source of publicity, and it is undoubtedly working out in their favor. 

While the pandemic carries on, small businesses are finding new ways to keep their companies afloat. Though Instagram and Twitter have always been useful platforms for artists, a new and possibly more influential medium has emerged: TikTok.

Since its creation in 2016, the app has settled itself at the very top of the app store as one of the most popularly downloaded apps of this year. What began as an inclusive platform for lip-syncing and dancing has transformed into a gateway to any one person’s big break. 

It doesn’t take much to make a TikTok video go viral and that is exactly what many artists and fashion designers are striving for. 

TikToker and fashion designer Brianna Genthe first began making TikToks in March 2020 and immediately gained notoriety. This is because of widespread interest in her studies abroad in Italy, where she sketched for a significant fashion brand. She currently has around 130,700 followers on her TikTok, 4.5 million likes, and has gradually begun to promote her business account on Instagram. 

Many personalities on TikTok are using this approach: sneaking promotions for their business into entertaining videos of them during their process. Resin crafts are one of the most common types of online businesses to be seen right now, “#resin” having 5 billion views on the app. With around 51,300 followers on TikTok, Cynthia Capota (@resin_for_recovery) has been wildly successful with her colorful resin crafts made to resemble the phases of the moon.

TikTok aside, there are many established companies that have decided to test the waters of social media. The French jewelry company Leibl Laurentius, established in 1998, has now begun to build an online presence by contacting and offering ambassadorships to young people on Instagram in order to promote their business. 

The clothing and style company, Boohoo, has increased its sales by 45% since May of 2020, utilizing a powerful tool in media these days – celebrity endorsement. 

According to Forbes, There is no business boost as powerful as the celebrity endorsement. The psychology behind this phenomenon is quite simple, in that if the famous person has it, everyone wants it.

The public seems to enjoy this change in marketing, too. When asked how she felt about companies’ shift to social media based content, CHS junior Quinn Hoagland said, “I think it’s a good idea. Social media marketing seems pretty efficient, but I think designers and entrepreneurs should prioritize providing accurate information about their business to consumers.” 

Social media has always been a useful tool, but never before has it been so heavily relied on. No matter how big the chain or how small the business, during such trying times, everyone is trying to find success.