As drunk driving in teens decreases, it is still an important issue


Drunk driving in teens decreases yet is still a problem.

Ryan Hart

It’s not a surprising fact that there’s a global problem with underage drinking. Peer pressure, the collective thought that drinking is fun or cool and the supposed adrenaline rush of doing something illegal has led it to become such a widespread issue. Although there has been an extensive amount of money spent, research done and laws created to end this predicament, the problem still remains.

Underage driving while under the influence is just as pressing of a matter. According to the American Addiction Center, around 23% of fatal car crashes that involved 16-20 year olds behind the wheel were due to driving while intoxicated. 

While this percentage may seem small to some, it’s still much higher than what it should be. It is important that teens take responsibility and choose not to drive if they are under the influence. Instead, they can carpool with someone sober or call a parent to pick them up.

However, this isn’t reality. Some feel unsafe letting their parents know they have been drinking, which can cause them to make irrational decisions and could ultimately end in a car accident.

Although this all seems bad, the percentage driving while under the influence has massively decreased in the last 30 years. A study from the CDC reports that the percentage of teens who drink and drive has gone down by 54% since 1991. 

Junior Giulia DeFabritus of Freehold stated her opinion on how much of a problem she believes underage drinking is today. 

“Drunk driving for teens is still a prevalent issue today, but it has been decreasing. I don’t think it will ever necessarily go away, but it seems as though people have been doing a better job of lowering the numbers,” DeFabritus said.

While drinking and driving still remains an issue, teenagers today are becoming more responsible with their actions and consequently helping to save lives, a trend which will hopefully continue.