New Semester, New Changes


As CHS switches to the second semester schedule, students and staff discuss how the new semester will be different from the last.

Niken Patel

As the new semester begins during the pandemic, changes are being made at CHS in order to improve the learning environment. With new cohorts, students are still getting accustomed to new settings and lifestyles.

Even in these circumstances, many students at CHS explained that they were still able to learn and bond with their teachers and classmates during the first semester. Freshman Will Denzer of Middletown is one of these students.

“I am confident I will see my teachers again either in class or around the school so I don’t miss them too badly,” Denzer said. “But I did enjoy the time I spent in their classes and I will miss some of them until I get them for a class down the line.” 

School nurse Dorothy Condon has new plans that she is hoping to enforce at CHS to ensure that all students and staff are safe. 

“Students are not social distancing in the hallways and during lunch periods,” Condon said. “I would like to have that reinforced.” 

English teacher Anne Kelterborn has learned a lot throughout the first semester in her first year at CHS. She will use this knowledge during the second half of the year in order to benefit her students. 

“I learned that students need more opportunities to connect with one another,” Kelterborn said. “I hope to do more group projects. Many students liked choosing their book club texts. I hope that I can give students more choice in their reading.” 

Students and teachers have new ideas and are hopeful that this school year will only get better.