A Change to Finals



Due to the hybrid schedule, this year’s finals are changed significantly from previous years. https://unsplash.com/license

Ruth Crawford

Finals week took place at CHS starting on Monday, Jan. 25. The week strayed from the typically stringent two-day schedule to a more flexible schedule, which was determined individually by teachers.

Usually, students would take all four of their finals spread out over the course of two days: periods one and three on one day, and two and four on the other. With the hybrid schedule, all of the students took their finals on the day that their teachers preferred.

Freshman Alexandra Kinsey of Avon explained why she prefers in-person school. 

“I like the typical way because I get to interact with the teachers more. I also feel more awake and ready to take on the day when I have in-person learning,” Kinsey said. 

On the other hand, plenty of students, such as freshman Emma Makin of Marlboro preferred this year’s finals over the typical finals week. 

“I like the way the finals are working this year because all of them were multiple choice and were on the same day,” Makin said.

Freshman Cayla Carlson of Neptune agreed with Makin and felt that being able to use her notes was an enormous stress reliever.

“I feel much more comfortable and prepared since I can organize my notes and then use them,” Carlson said. “The amount of stress I felt lifted from me was huge and I felt a lot better taking the finals.”

Health and science teacher Leah Morgan was one of several teachers who made her finals open book. She explained that it would not be fair if half the students were in school and the other half were at home. She also explained why this type of exam is not the same.

“I feel like I wasn’t really assessing what the students had learned since they were taking an open-notebook exam,” Morgan said.